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November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Questions 101 and 102 Recall Provides the right to recall officials in elective offices Approveda

LRCA Questions 103 and 105 Business Allows the state and municipalities to engage in industrial pursuits Approveda

LRCA Questions 105 and 106 Taxes Allows the method and mode of accessing, equalizing, and levying taxes to be set by law Approveda

LRCA Questions 107 and 108 Gov't Finances Sets limits on how much debt counties and school districts can take on Approveda

CICA Questions 300 and 301 Suffrage Provides suffrage and the right to hold public office to women Approveda

VR Questions 302 and 303 Business Creates liens on mines and mining rights for labor and materials used at the mine Approveda

VR Questions 304 and 305 Business Regulates the number of employees allowed on trains and engines Approveda

VR Questions 306 and 307 Business Requires headlights on trains Approveda

VR Questions 308 and 309 Business Sets experience qualifications for train engineers and train conductors Approveda

VR Questions 310 and 311 Business Places limits on the number cars a train can have Approveda

VR Questions 312 and 313 Business Regulates the rates for passengers on trains Approveda

VR Questions 314 and 315 Wages and pay Provides for semi-monthly paydays Approveda

VR Questions 316 and 317 Hunting Regulates the hunting of birds and animals Approveda


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Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 1 Public finance Deposit of moneys belonging to the state Approveda

LRCA Proposition 2 Education Boards of Education and free textbooks Approveda

VR Proposition 3 Elections County Registrars of Voters Defeatedd

VR Proposition 4 Salaries Salaries and fees of officers in third class counties Defeatedd

VR Proposition 5 Municipal governance County officers Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 6 Municipal governance How to consolidate city/county governments Defeatedd

CISS Proposition 7 Gambling Prohibiting bookmaking, setting up horse racing commission Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 8 Taxes Altered method of determining municipal taxes Defeatedd


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November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Measure 1 Alcohol Establishes a statewide prohibition on intoxicating alcoholic beverages Defeatedd

CISS Measure 2 Law Enforcement Allows search and seizure to enforce prohibition laws Defeatedd

CISS Measure 3 Labor Creates an eight-hour workday for employed female laborers Approveda

CISS Measure 4 Business Provides for the regulation of public service corporations Defeatedd

CISS Measure 5 Admin of Gov't Establishes a state fair Defeatedd

CICA Measure 6 Gov't Finance Provides special funds for the State Immigration Bureau Defeatedd

CISS Measure 7 Direct Democracy Reduces costs for publishing ballot measures and arguments for and against Defeatedd

CICA Measure 8 Local Gov't Grants home rule for cities and towns Approveda

CICA Measure 9 Recall Provides for the recall of elective officials Approveda

CISS Measure 10 Elections Amends state elections laws Defeatedd

CICA Measure 11 Admin of Gov't Provides for special elections for voting on proposed constitutional amendments and laws Defeatedd

CICA Measure 12 Trials Defines “contempt of court” and provides for trial by jury for contempt Defeatedd

CICA Measure 13 Judiciary Creates a public utilities court with the exclusive power to fix utility rates Defeatedd

CISS Measure 14 Elections Provides for a "headless ballot" Approveda

CICA Measure 15 Education Grants "wider control of schools" to the public Defeatedd

CICA Measure 16 Judiciary Allows for juvenile courts in cities and counties with populations over 100,000 Approveda

CISS Measure 17 Welfare Allocates public aid to "dependent and neglected children" of single mothers Approveda

CISS Measure 18 Civil Service Alters laws regarding civil service Approveda

CISS Measure 19 Labor Provides an eight-hour workday for underground miners and those working in smelters, mills and coke ovens Approveda

CISS Measure 20 Gov't Finance Allocates control of certain funds to the State Highway Commission Defeatedd

LRSS Measure 21 Education Requires the examination of teachers Defeatedd

LRSS Measure 22 Water Alters water rights related to irrigation Defeatedd

LRSS Measure 23 Food & Agri Modifies policies regarding the branding and marking of livestock Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 24 Admin of Gov't State Tax Commission Defeatedd

LRSS Measure 25 Labor Establishes an eight-hour workday for laborers working in underground mines, smelters and coke ovens Approveda

LRSS Measure 26 Education Creates teachers' summer normal schools Defeatedd

LRSS Measure 27 Gov't Salaries Provides "that salaries of county, precinct and other officers need not be paid entirely from fees collected by said officers" Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 28 Gov't Finance Raises the limitation on county debts “based on the assessed valuation of taxable property in the county” Defeatedd

LRSS Measure 29 Gov't Finance Modifies the custody and management of public funds Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 30 Business Defines mining and smelting as public interests Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 31 Gov't Finance Authorizes bonded indebtedness for state highways Defeatedd

LRSS Measure 32 Transportation Authorizes the construction of a tunnel through James Peak Defeatedd


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November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Judiciary Provides for an extra circuit court judge in Duval County Approveda

LRCA Amendment 2 Education Allows for bonds to be issued by special tax school districts, and for taxes to pay for those bonds Approveda


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November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA HJR 13 Redistricting Determines the apportionment of Senators and Representatives Approveda

LRCA HJR 19 Recall States the right to recall any public officer except judicial officers in state or electoral district Approveda

LRCA HJR 24 Prisons Repeals section regarding labor of convicts confined in state prison Approveda

LRCA HJR 30 Education Vests general supervision of educational institutions and public school system in the State Board of Education Approveda

LRCA SJR 1 Local Gov't Makes County Treasurer the Ex-officio Tax Collector Approveda

LRCA SJR 12 Legislature Gives the electorate power to propose referendum vote on any act/measure passed by legislature Approveda

LRCA SJR 13 Legislature Gives the electorate power to propose laws of their own initiative Approveda

LRCA SJR 16 Bond issues Limits the bonded indebtedness of the state Approveda


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September 9
Type Title Subject Description Result
VR Question No. 1 Elections Provides for use of uniform ballot boxes Approveda

LRCA Question No. 2 Bonds Provides for issuing of state bonds building and maintaining state highways Approveda


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November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Issue 1 Education Empowers the state government to establish and maintain free public schools Defeatedd

LRCA Issue 2 Gov't Finances Increases St. Louis's debt limit in order to construct sewers Defeatedd

LRCA Issue 3 Taxes Increases local tax limits for public works Defeatedd

LRCA Issue 4 Elections Requires foreigners become naturalized in order to vote Defeatedd

LRCA Issue 5 Elections Requires citizens to register in order to vote Defeatedd

CICA Issue 6 Taxes Increases tax rates to pay for utilities Defeatedd

CICA Issue 7 Admin of Gov't Abolishes the present state Board of Equalization Defeatedd

CICA Issue 8 Elections Allows grand juries to open ballot boxes during election investigations Defeatedd

CICA Issue 9 Taxes Creates tax for public schools Defeatedd


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November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS IR 300-301 War & Peace Regards the organization of the state militia Defeatedd

CISS I 302-303 Elections Provides for party nomination by direct vote Approveda

CISS I 304-305 Elections Creates campaign spending limits for public office candidates Approveda

CISS I 306-307 Elections Instructs legislature to vote for U.S. senators based on popular referendum rather than by party Approveda

CISS I 308-309 Elections Provides for direct presidential preference primaries Approveda

BI State Bond Welfare Issues a bond of $533,000 to buy property for a mental health facility Approveda


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Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Direct democracy Establishes citizen initiative and referendum in Nebraska Approveda

LRCA Question 2 Legislature Sets a two year term of office, and salary of $600 Approveda

LRCA Question 3 Admin of Gov't Creates the Board of Commissioners of State Institutions Approveda

LRCA Question 4 Elections Establishes biennial elections in the state Approveda

LRCA Question 5 Administration of government Authorizes cities with more than 5,000 people to create their own city charter Approveda

North Dakota

See also: North Dakota 1912 ballot measures

November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Referendum Admin of Gov't Creates application system to buy state school lands Approveda

LRCA Referendum Judiciary Alters Section 91 of state constitution regarding state supreme court term limits Defeatedd

LRCA Referendum Food & Agri Authorized state legislature to operate grain elevators in Wisconsin and Minnesota Approveda


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September 3
Type Title Subject Description Result
ConConRef Amendment 1 Judiciary Relates to Reform in Civil Jury System Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 2 Death Penalty Relates to Abolition of Capital Punishment Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 3 Judiciary Relates to Depositions by State and Comment on Failure of Accused to Testify in Criminal Cases Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 4 Judiciary Relates to Suits Against the State Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 5 Tort Relates to Damage for Wrongful Death Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 6 Direct Democracy Relates to Initiative and Referendum Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 7 Legislature Relates to Investigations by Each House of General Assembly Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 8 State Exec Relates to Limiting Veto Power of Governor Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 9 Labor Relates to Mechanics' and Builders' Liens Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 10 Labor Relates to Welfare of Employes Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 11 Labor Relates to Workmen's Compensation Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 12 Resources Relates to Conservation of Natural Resources Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 13 Labor Relates to Eight Hour Day on Public Work Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 14 Gov't Acc Relates to Removal of Officials Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 15 Judiciary Relates to Regulating Expert Testimony in Criminal Trials Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 16 Property Relates to Registering and Warranting Land Titles Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 17 Labor Relates to Abolishing Prison Contract Labor Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 18 Legislature Relates to Limiting Power of General Assembly in Extra sessions Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 19 Judiciary Relates to Change in Judicial System Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 20 Judiciary Relates to Judge of Court of Common Pleas for Each County Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 21 Judiciary Relates to Abolition of Justices of the Peace in Certain Cities Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 22 Judiciary Relates to Contempt Proceedings and Injunctions Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 23 Suffrage Relates to Woman's Suffrage Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 24 Suffrage Relates to Omitting Word "White" Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 25 Elections Relates to Use of Voting Machines Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 26 Elections Relates to Primary Elections Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 27 Education Relates to Organization of Boards of Education Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 28 Education Relates to Creating the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to Replace State Commissioner of Common Schools Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 28 Transportation Relates to Extending State Bond Limit to Fifty Million Dollars for Inter-County Wagon Roads Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 30 Insurance Relates to Regulating Insurance Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 31 Admin of Gov't Relates to Abolishing Board of Public Works Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 32 Taxes Relates to Taxation of State and Municipal Bonds, Inheritances, Incomes, Franchises and Production of Minerals Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 33 Business Relates to Regulation of Corporations and Sale of Personal Property Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 34 Banking Relates to Double Liability of Stockholders and Inspection of Private Banks Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 35 Legislature Relates to Regulating State Printing Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 36 Civil Rights Relates to Eligibility of Women to Certain Offices Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 37 Admin of Gov't Relates to Civil Service Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 38 Business Relates to Out-Door Advertising Defeatedd

ConConRef Amendment 39 Constitutions Relates to Methods of Submitting Amendments to the Constitution Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 40 Local Gov't Relates to Municipal Home Rule Approveda

ConConRef Amendment 41 Constitutions Relates to Schedule of Amendments Approveda

ConConRef Intoxicating Liquors Alcohol Relates to License to Traffic in Intoxicating Liquors Approveda


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August 6:
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS State Question 41 Elections Direct election of U.S. Senators Approveda

November 5:

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA State Question 38 Admin of gov't Creation of the State Board of Agriculture Approveda

CICA State Question 40 Admin of gov't Move the State Capitol to Guthrie Defeatedd


See also: Oregon 1912 ballot measures

November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Measure 1 Suffrage Grants women the right to vote in Oregon Approveda

LRCA Measure 2 State Exec Creates the Office of Lieutenant Governor and provides for a line of succession to the governorship Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 3 Taxes Provides for a uniform rate of taxation, except on property, and provides for the levying and collecting of taxes for county and municipal purposes Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 4 Taxes Permits taxes to be levied upon different classes of property of different rates and provides that taxation must be uniform within each separate class Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 5 Taxes Repeals counties abilities to regulate taxation and prohibits the legislature’s ability to declare an emergency to pass laws regarding taxation Approveda

LRCA Measure 6 Direct Democracy Requires a majority of all electors, rather than a majority of those voting, for the adoption of any constitutional amendment via the ballot Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 7 Banking Makes stockholders liable to pay depositors an amount equal to their held stock and what they originally paid for the stock Approveda

VR Measure 8 Business Vests the Railroad Commission with power and jurisdiction to supervise and regulate every public service corporation and utility in Oregon Approveda

CISS Measure 9 Local Gov't Creates the County of Cascade from Clackamas County Defeatedd

CISS Measure 10 Taxes Establishes a statewide six-tenths of a mill tax and creates a single Board of Regents for the University and Agricultural College Defeatedd

CICA Measure 11 Direct Democracy Requires a majority of all electors, rather than a majority of those voting, for the adoption of any law via the ballot Defeatedd

CISS Measure 12 Bonds Authorizes any count to issue bonds for road construction Defeatedd

CISS Measure 13 Admin of Gov't Creates a State Highway Department with an annual appropriation not exceeding $12,000 and authorizes the appointment of a State Highway Engineer at an annual salary of $3,600 Defeatedd

CISS Measure 14 Admin of Gov't Moves the effective date of the creation of the State Printing Board from January 1, 1915 to December 1, 1912 and fixes the State Printer’s salary at $4,000 and the Secretary of the Board’s salary at $2,000 Defeatedd

CISS Measure 15 Admin of Gov't Creates the Office of Hotel Inspector Defeatedd

CISS Measure 16 Labor Mandates no more than an eight-hour workday for public employees Approveda

CISS Measure 17 Business Regulates and supervises corporations selling or negotiating the selling of corporate stocks and securities, requires such corporations to obtain state licenses prior to any sales or negotiations and establishes a corporation department with an annual salary for the commissioner set at $3,000 Defeatedd

CISS Measure 18 Prisons Prohibits private firm’s from employing prisoners at the State Penitentiary Approveda

CISS Measure 19 Prisons Prohibits private firm’s from employing county, city or town prisoners Approveda

CISS Measure 20 Admin of Gov't Creates the State Road Board, authorizes this board to sell bonds for building public roads and creates the office of State Highway Commissioner Defeatedd

CICA Measure 21 Transportation Limitation on maximum permissible amount of state road indebtedness Approveda

CISS Measure 22 Local Gov't Authorizes the respective counties of the State of Oregon to issue twenty-year bonds for building roads within the county Defeatedd

CICA Measure 23 Gov't Finances Restricts counties from increasing their indebtedness for road building in excess of 2% of the taxable property within the county Approveda

CISS Measure 24 Local Gov't Legalizes municipal consolidations and provides methods for the creation and organization of new counties and municipalities Defeatedd

CICA Measure 25 Taxes Provides for a graduated or progressive income tax Defeatedd

CISS Measure 26 Taxes Exempts household furniture, goods and personal objects from taxation Approveda

CISS Measure 27 Taxes Exempts all debts, public stocks and securities, bonds, warrants and moneys due to the state from taxation Defeatedd

CISS Measure 28 Taxes Revises the state inheritance tax, reclassifies rates, and places administrative matters relative to the inheritance tax within the State Tax Commission’s jurisdiction Defeatedd

CISS Measure 29 Transportation Regulates freight rates and bases such rates on carload type and weight Approveda

CICA Measure 30 Local Gov't Empowers county courts to issue and sell bonds or other securities to build and maintain roads within the county when approved by a majority of the voters of the county Defeatedd

CICA Measure 31 Admin of Gov't Abolishes the State Senate, mandates that the State House of Representatives consist of 60 members and that the Governor and unsuccessful party candidates for Governor are to be ex officio members and institutes a proxy system of voting on bills Defeatedd

CICA Measure 32 Taxes Provides for graduated taxes upon all franchises, lands and other natural resources in excess of $10,000 and exempts all personal property from taxation Defeatedd

CISS Measure 33 Death Penalty Abolishes the death penalty in the Oregon Defeatedd

CISS Measure 34 Labor Prohibits boycotting or picketing any industry, workshop, store, business or factory Defeatedd

CISS Measure 35 Property Prohibits the use of public streets, parks and lands, in any city or town with a population of 5,000 or over, for holding meetings without a written permit from the mayor Defeatedd

VR Measure 36 Gov't Finances Appropriates $175,000 for building and maintaining an administration building and $153,259 for the purchase of land and equipment, making repairs and improvements and paying salaries of employees at the University of Oregon Defeatedd

VR Measure 37 Gov't Finances Appropriates $175,000 for the construction and furnishing of a modern fire-proof library and museum at the University of Oregon Defeatedd

South Dakota

See also: South Dakota 1912 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
CSS Richard's Primary Election Law Election reform Richard's primary law. Approveda

CA Corporation Taxation Taxes Uniform taxation of corporations. Approveda

LR Locomotive Headlights Transportation Require headlights on locomotives. Approveda

LR Animal Trespass Damages Property rights Damages for trespass of animals. Approveda

LR County Seat Regulation Administration of government Prescribe how county seats may be removed. Approveda


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November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment to II.1 Direct Democracy Provides for a referendum and initiative process Approveda

LRCA Amendment to I.33-34 Recall Authorizes recall elections Approveda

LRCA Amendment to II.31 Admin of Gov't Determines that laws shall take effect ninety days after the adjournment of the session at which the law was enacted Approveda

LRCA Amendment to XI.7 Term Limits Removes term limits for most county officers Defeatedd


See also: Wisconsin 1912 ballot measures

November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Finance Extends the time cities and counties must repay debt for land from 20 to 50 years Approveda

LRCA Question 2 Forests and parks Allows the state and cities to acquire land for public purposes Approveda

LRCA Question 3 Judiciary Allows the legislature to determine the pay periods of judges on the supreme and circuit courts Approveda

LRSS Question 4 Suffrage Extends the right to vote in the state to women Defeatedd