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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 1 Direct Democracy Requires the submission of legislatively approved constitutional amendments to voters for approval Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 2 Admin of Gov't Provides for the election of members of the State Tax Commission and the submission of the commission’s suggestions to voters for approval Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 3 Gov't Salaries Increases the salaries of teachers and public officials for the purpose of meeting increased living costs Defeatedd
LRSS Proposition 4 Admin of Gov't Creates a Board of Pardons and Paroles to regulate and grant commutations, pardons and paroles after conviction Defeatedd
VR Proposition 5 Trials Mandates that no person shall be prosecuted for misdemeanor by information without having a preliminary examination Approveda
CISS Proposition 6 Admin of Gov't Creates a State Conservation Commission to regulate the protection, propagation and conservation of game and fish Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 7 Admin of Gov't Creates a State Civil Service Commission Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 8 Local Gov't Provides for the creation and organization of counties within the state Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 9 Admin of Gov't Establishes a State Highway Department to administer the establishment, construction, maintenance and abandonment of state roads Approveda
CISS Proposition 10 Food & Agri Promotes the reclamation and irrigation of arable and irrigable lands within the boundaries of organized irrigation districts Approveda


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Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Amendment 1 Direct democracy Defines initiatives and referendums more completely Approveda


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Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Proposition 1 Immigration Property rights for immigrants Approveda
VR Proposition 2 Alcohol Definition of alcohol, and prohibitions on its sale and consumption Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 3 Judiciary Salary increase for judges Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 4 Direct democracy Increase number of signatures required Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 5 Regulations Regulate and license chiropractors Defeatedd
CICA Proposition 6 Healthcare Prohibits schools from requiring vaccinations Defeatedd
CISS Proposition 7 Animal rights Prohibits torture of people or animals, including psychological Defeatedd
VR Proposition 8 Regulations Limit on how much opium, morphine, cocaine and heroin a licensed physician is allowed to prescribe Approveda
CICA Proposition 9 Admin of gov't Create a state highway finance board and authorize sale of bonds Approveda
LRCA Proposition 10 Constitution Rules whereby the state legislature can call and administer a constitutional convention Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 11 Taxes, Elections Imposition of a poll tax on "every alien male inhabitant of this state over twenty-one and under sixty" Approveda
CICA Proposition 12 Education Tax hike for a state university fund Defeatedd
VR Proposition 13 Marriage Laws about status of community property in marriage Defeatedd
VR Proposition 14 Insurance Rules restricting insurance agents Defeatedd
VR Proposition 15 Voting What percent of vote should be required to create an irrigation district? Approveda
CICA Proposition 16 Education Add kindergartens to the public school system Approveda
LRCA Proposition 17 Elections Absentee voting for those unable to be in their home district on election day Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 18 Taxes Orphanages exempted from property taxation Approveda
LRCA Proposition 19 Welfare State aid to institutions for children whose fathers have tuberculosis or a permanent physical disability Approveda
CICA Proposition 20 Taxes Land value taxation Defeatedd


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Measure 1 Labor Mandates fixed hours for city fire department employees Approveda
CISS Measure 2 Health Care Provides for the licensing and regulation of chiropractics Defeatedd
CISS Measure 3 Local Gov't Creates the County of Limon Defeatedd
CISS Measure 4 Local Gov't Creates of County of Flagler Defeatedd
CICA Measure 5 Transportation Issues a bond to create the Moffat, Monarch, and San Juan Tunnels Defeatedd
CISS Measure 6 Health Care Appropriates $350,000 from the state fund for the establishment of the Psychopathic Hospital and Laboratory Approveda
CICA Measure 7 Taxes Provides an additional one-mill tax levy for state education institutions Approveda
LRCA Measure 8 Bonds Authorizes a $5 million bond for the construction of public highways Approveda
LRCA Measure 9 Judiciary Increases the number of counties judges Defeatedd
LRCA Measure 10 Gov't Salaries Increases the salaries of Governor, the Secretary to the Governor, Justices of the Supreme Court, and judges of the district courts Defeatedd


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Transportation Allows for state bonds for build and maintain a system of good roads and bridges Defeatedd


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA HJR 6 Judiciary Increases membership of the Supreme Court from three to five justices Approveda
LRCA HJR 8 Judiciary Gives the Supreme Court jurisdiction of appeals from orders of the Public Utilities Commission Approveda
LRCA HJR 10 Property Increases permitted annual sale of school land from 100 to 200 sections Defeatedd
LRCA HJR 13 Gov't Finances States that credit of the state shall not be given or loaned Approveda


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September 13
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1 Elections Empowers Legislature to authorize towns to have more than one voting place Approveda
LRCA Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 Veterans Provides bond issue to give bonus to soldiers and sailors in the war with Germany Approveda
LRCA Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 3 Taxes Empowers Legislature to lay and collect taxes on incomes from any derived source Defeatedd
VR Referendum Suffrage Grants women the right to vote for presidential electors Approveda


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Gov't salaries Provides for a pay increase for the general assembly Defeatedd
LRCA Amendment 2 Gov't salaries Provides for a pay increase for court clerks Defeatedd


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
IndISS Question 1 Alcohol Defines intoxicating liquors to allow for the sale of beer, cider, and wine with low alcohol content Approveda


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Transportation Establishes a state trunk highway system Approveda
LRCA Amendment 2 Judiciary Extends terms of probate judges Approveda
LRCA Amendment 3 Taxes Authorizes a state income tax Defeatedd


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Issue 1 Gov't Salaries Changes legislative compensation from per diem to salary Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 2 Local Gov't Allows cities to amend their charters more easily Approveda
LRCA Issue 3 Local Gov't Increases city and county debt limits to fund public works Approveda
LRCA Issue 4 Taxes Allows for special taxes for building and maintaining roads Approveda
LRCA Issue 5 Taxes Raises tax rates to improve public buildings and improvements Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 6 Bonds Creates $60 million worth of bonds to improve roads Approveda
LRCA Issue 7 Utilities Raises debt limits of certain cities to build and improve water, ice and electric plants Approveda
LRCA Issue 8 Pension Requires a state tax to pay pensions to the blind Approveda
LRCA Issue 9 Bonds Issues $1 million in bonds for a fund for soldiers Approveda
LRCA Issue 10 Judciary Increases number of justices on the Missouri Supreme Court to nine Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 11 Elections Allows absentee voting for soldiers Approveda
LRCA Issue 12 Judiciary Increases number of St. Louis court appeals judges to six Defeatedd
VR Issue 13 Alcohol Outlines enforcement of prohibition Approveda
VR Issue 14 Labor Creates system of workmen's compensation Defeatedd
CICA Issue 15 ConCon Requires a new constitutional convention Approveda


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Admin of gov't Creates the state Board of Administration Defeatedd
LRCA Amendment 2 Education Provides for apportionment of interest of school funds Approveda
LRCA Amendment 3 Taxes Creates the state tax commission Defeatedd
VR IR-13 Elections Provides for nominations of candidates for public office Defeatedd
LRSS R-14 Athletics Establishes an athletic commission Approveda
VR IR-15 Elections Amends the direct primaries law Defeatedd
VR IR-16 Elections Repeals the law dealing with presidential primaries Defeatedd
CISS I-18 Taxes Enacts a mill levy for university maintenance Approveda
CISS I-19 Bonds Issues a bond for state educational institution buildings Approveda
CISS I-20 Bonds Issues a bond for land reclamation Defeatedd
LRSS R-23 Bonds Issues a bond for highways Defeatedd

North Dakota

See also: North Dakota 1920 ballot measures

March 16
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Initiative Sunday Allows baseball to be played on Sundays Approveda
CISS Initiative Sunday Allows operation of motion picture theaters on Sundays Defeatedd
CISS Initiative Tobacco Legalizes sale of cigarettes to non-minors Defeatedd
CISS Referendum Admin of Gov't Creates a state Athletic Commission to regulate boxing Defeatedd
LRCA Referendum Civil rights Changes residency requirements for voting Approveda
LRCA Referendum Gov't Finances Sets debt limits for various levels of government Approveda
LRCA Referendum Admin of Gov't Authorizes legislature to lease lands designated for educational and charitable Approveda
LRCA Referendum Recall Creates petition process for recalling elected officials Approveda

June 30

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS Referendum Civil rights Deals with the period of residency required to register to vote in North Dakota Defeatedd
LRSS Referendum Admin of Gov't Regards to an investigation committee Defeatedd
CISS Referendum Civil rights Bans public display of red or black flags Approveda
LRSS Referendum Law Enforcement Creates office of State Sheriff Defeatedd

November 2

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS Referendum Local Gov't Regards the county seats Defeatedd
CISS Initiative Banking Requires all state, county, township, municipal and school district funds be deposited in the Bank of North Dakota Approveda
LRCA Referendum Civil Rights Extends right to vote to all citizens over 21 years old Approveda
CISS Initiative Business Requires state board of auditors to examineaccounts books of all industrial institutions twice in each year Approveda
CISS Initiative Media Defines the duties of official county newspapers Approveda
CISS Initiative Banking Stipulates Bank of North Dakota to only make real estate loans to resident farmers Approveda
LRCA Referendum Education Renames the Reform School in Mandan to the State Training School Approveda
LRCA Referendum Education Stipulates where permanent school fund and other educational funds can be invested Approveda
CISS Initiative Education Makes the North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction responsible for supervising the certification of teachers Approveda


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
VR Referendum 1 Alcohol Provides enforcement of alcohol prohibition via the New Crabbe Act ApprovedaOverturnedot


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
VR State Question 94 Healthcare Repeals laws regarding licensing healthcare practitioners Approveda
CICA State Question 99 Taxes Levies a tax on public service corporations for the maintenance of the common schools Defeatedd
CICA State Question 109 Taxes Provides for a property tax for the maintenance of the common schools Defeatedd
LRCA State Question 111 Insurance Provides for certain classes of insurance organizations Defeatedd
LRCA State Question 112 Legislature Provides for the compensation of legislators Defeatedd


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May 21
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 Eminent Domain Declares that the use of roadways for the transportation of raw products and natural resources is a public use and thus allows eminent domain to acquire land for roadways Approveda
LRCA Measure 2 Gov't Finances Permits indebtedness for the purpose of constructing and maintaing permanent roads from two percent to four percent of the valuation of all property within the state Approveda
LRCA Measure 3 Death Penalty Restores the death penalty for first degree murder, except when the jury recommends life imprisonment Approveda
LRCA Measure 4 Bonds Permits Crook County and Curry County to issue bonds to an amount of two percent of valuation of all property within the county for the purpose of funding warrants Approveda
LRCA Measure 5 State Executives Provides a line of succession to the governorship and the conditions under which succession would occur Approveda
LRSS Measure 6 Taxes Levies a 3.2 mills tax for the Oregon Agricultural College and the University of Oregon and a .06 mill tax for Oregon Normal Schools and mandates that such tax revenues be utilized for salaries, additional buildings, repairs, purchasing supplies and equipment Approveda
LRSS Measure 7 Taxes Provides a 2/10 of one mill tax for educational aid to military veterans Approveda
LRSS Measure 8 Taxes Levies a 2 mill tax upon all taxable property within the state for the support and maintenance of public elementary schools Approveda
LRSS Measure 9 Taxes Levies a 1/6 of a mill tax for construction and equipping of a school for the blind and an annual tax levy of 1/25 of a mill for maintenance of the property Approveda

November 2:

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 Suffrage Requires compulsory voting and registration Defeatedd
LRCA Measure 2 Legislature Limits regular legislative sessions to sixty working days and extra sessions to twenty days, regulates the introduction of bills after the fortieth day of the session and provides each legislator with no more than three hundred dollars per regular session service Defeatedd
VR Measure 3 Business Regulates the manufacturing and sale of oleomargarine or any butter substitute, provides license fees to be paid by manufacturers and distributors of such substitutes and prescribes penalties for fraud in the sale of oleomargarine Defeatedd
CICA Measure 4 Taxes Institutes a single tax on the value of land and eliminated all other taxes in the state Defeatedd
CICA Measure 5 Elections Increases the term length from two years to four years for county clerks, treasurers, sheriffs, coroners and surveyors Approveda
CISS Measure 6 Admin of Gov't Empowers the Port of Portland to create the Dock Commission to purchase properties, acquire additional land, operate lines of transportation to promote water commerce and issue bonds Defeatedd
CICA Measure 7 Health Care Removes any requirements of vaccination, inoculation or other medication as a condition for attending any public educational institution Defeatedd
CICA Measure 8 Banking Provides for a fixed legal rate of interest at four percent on all moneys and, in some situations, agreeing parties may have a five percent rate of interest Defeatedd
CISS Measure 9 Forests & Parks Creates a refuge for native waterfowl in memory of President Theodore Roosevelt Defeatedd
CICA Measure 10 Legislature Provides for a divided biennial session for the state legislature Defeatedd
CISS Measure 11 Admin of Gov't Creates a State Market Commission to assist in the distribution of products, dissemination of information concerning market conditions, mediating market disputes, issuing labels when needed and inspecting products in storage Defeatedd

South Dakota

See also: South Dakota 1920 ballot measures

November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Municipal Street Railway and Lighting Debt Gov't Finances Allows cities to incur added debt for street railways and lighting projects Defeatedd
LRCA Replace Board of Charities and Corrections Admin of Gov't Replaces the Board of Charities and Corrections Defeatedd
LRCA Soldiers' Bonus Veterans Provides a bonus to soldiers Approveda
LRCA Home Building Credits Housing Provides state credits for home building Approveda
LRCA State Salaries Set by Legislature Gov't Salaries Allows legislature to set state salaries Defeatedd
VR Amending Prohibition Alcohol Amends state alcohol prohibition laws Defeatedd
IndISS Primary Election Law Elections Amends the state primary election process Defeatedd


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 1 Gov't salaries Provides salaries for public officials Defeatedd
LRCA Proposition 2 Taxes Increases the total tax rate that may be levied in towns with fewer than 5,000 people Approveda
LRCA Proposition 3 Taxes Provides that the limitation of school district taxes shall not apply to independent or common school districts Approveda


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November 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS Referendum 1 Transportation Provides for the construction of a state system of truck line highways through the issuance of bonds and other revenues Defeatedd
LRSS Referendum 2 Veterans Issues payments of equalized compensation to veterans of World War I who were residents of Washington at the time of their entry into service Approveda
LRCA Amendment to I.16 Eminent Domain Declares that the taking of private property by the state for land reclamation and settlement is a public use Approveda
LRCA Amendment to III.14-22 Gov't Salaries Fixes the salaries of certain executive branch offices Approveda


See also: Wisconsin 1920 ballot measures

April 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Salaries of elected officials Allows the pay of legislators to be set by law Defeatedd
LRCA Question 2 Judiciary Allows the legislature to decide the size and number of circuit courts Defeatedd

November 2

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRSS Question 1 Veterns Enforce prohibition in the state Approveda