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1922 ballot measures

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September 12
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 1 Admin of Gov't Requires all revenues collected for state purposes to be paid into the state treasury Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 2 Elections Provides for the nomination of federal congressional, state, local and municipal officers Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 3 Elections Provides that general elections are to be held biennially on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 4 Elections Establishes the offices of each organized county, provides the election of candidates to those positions and establishes term lengths Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 5 Admin of Gov't Establishes the offices in the state’s executive department and elections for candidates for such offices Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 6 Admin of Gov't Mandates four year long terms for state legislators Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 7 Legislature Disallows any state legislator from being appointed to any paid civil office which was created or had the office’s salary increased during the legislator’s term Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 8 Business Establishes rules for agricultural and husbandry associations Defeatedd

November 7

Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Proposition 1 Bonds Provides for bonds for paving a highway from the Hassayampa River to the Colorado River Defeatedd

CISS Proposition 2 Education Establishes a uniform public school system Defeatedd

LRSS Proposition 3 Hunt & Fish Repeals a law regulating hunting and fishing for wildlife preservation Defeatedd


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Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Amendment 1 Direct democracy Defines initiatives and referendums more completely Defeatedd

CICA Amendment 2 Taxes Creates a tax to increase school revenues Defeatedd


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Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Proposition 1 Veterans Enable government loans to vets Approveda

VR Proposition 2 Alcohol Require enforcement of alcohol prohibition Approveda

LBM Proposition 3 Veterans $10 million to assist veterans in purchasing homes and farms Approveda

LBM Proposition 4 Bonds Borrow $3 million to carry out the purposes of the land settlement act Defeatedd

VR Proposition 5 Housing Regulations governing tenement houses and hotels Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 6 Regulations Rules governing the issuance of real estate title insurance Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 7 Veterans Exempt veterans from taxation Approveda

LRCA Proposition 8 Municipal governance Rules governing the annexation of incorporated municipalities Approveda

LRCA Proposition 9 Municipal governance Rules governing the adoption of city charters Approveda

CICA Proposition 10 Taxes Require all property owned by public utilities to be taxed as if private Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 11 Utilities Put all publicly owned utilities under regulation of state railroad commission Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 12 Executives Requires governor to give a budget to the legislature within first 30 days of session Approveda

LRCA Proposition 13 Judiciary Rules governing salaries for judges Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 14 Taxes Taxation of notes, debentures, stocks and bonds Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 15 Taxes Rules governing taxation of public utilities Defeatedd

CISS Proposition 16 Regulations Regulation and licensing of chiropractors Approveda

LRCA Proposition 17 Water Regulation of streams used for electricity and other public purposes Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 18 Municipal governance Municipalities allowed to establish public utilities Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 19 Admin of gov't Creates a state board to develop and distribute water and power Defeatedd

CISS Proposition 20 Healthcare Osteopathic Act to provide for the practice of osteopathic medicine Approveda

LRCA Proposition 21 Water Special local irrigation and flood control laws not allowed Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 22 Elections Absentee voting allowed Approveda

LRCA Proposition 23 Public finance Rules governing the deposit of public moneys Approveda

VR Proposition 24 Judiciary Must have a license to practice law Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 25 Judiciary Rules governing selection of judges pro tempore Approveda

LRCA Proposition 26 Educaton Formation of public school districts Approveda

CICA Proposition 27 Direct democracy Increase in number of signatures required to qualify a proposed initiative for the ballot Defeatedd

CISS Proposition 28 Animal rights Prohibit the torture of any living creature for any purpose Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 29 Property rights Land can no longer be considered private property Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 30 Admin of gov't Powers of the railroad commission Defeatedd


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November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Measure 1 Bonds Authorizes bonds for the construction of public highways Approveda

CICA Measure 2 Utilities Creates a Public Utilities Commission, prescribes the commission’s powers and duties and defines “public utilities” Defeatedd

CISS Measure 3 Redistricting Revises the apportionment of members of the General Assembly Defeatedd

CISS Measure 4 Taxes Empowers the legislature or people to exempt certain intangibles from ad valorem taxation and to impose an income tax in lieu thereof Defeatedd

CISS Measure 5 Animals Modifies rules related to experimental operations "on humans beings and dumb animals" Defeatedd

ConCon Measure 6 Con Con Calls for a constitutional convention to revise, alter and amend the state constitution Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 7 Education Regards the location and control of higher education institutions Approveda

LRCA Measure 8 Terms Mandates four-year terms for certain elected county officials Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 9 Terms Mandates four-year terms for certain elected state officials Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 10 Property Empowers the General Assembly to provide for property rights for non-citizens Defeatedd


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November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Education Allows for the creation of School Districts and up to a 10 mill school tax in the district Approveda

LRCA Amendment 2 Judiciary Allows for additional circuit court judges in circuits with a population over 75,000 Approveda

LRCA Amendment 3 Gov't Salaries Allows for monthly salary payments to state officers Approveda

LRCA Amendment 4 Redistricting Provides for 38 senatorial districts and a system for representatives based on county population Defeatedd


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September 11
Type Title Subject Description Result
VR Highway Commission Admin of Gov't Creates full-time State Highway Commission Defeatedd


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November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Judiciary Requires roll calls in General Court to adopt the preambles of emergency laws Approveda

VR Question 2 Tort Affects tort liability for certain voluntary organizations Defeatedd

VR Question 3 Business Empowers the state to censor movies Defeatedd

VR Question 4 Alcohol Prohibits the sale of alcohol in the state Defeatedd

VR Question 5 Trials Requires that candidates for district attorney positions must be lawyers Approveda


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November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Issue 1 Gov't Salaries Raises legislative salaries Defeatedd

LRCA Issue 2 Suffrage Eliminates requirement that voters be male Approveda

LRCA Issue 3 Transportation Allows vehicle license fees to fund road maintenance Approveda

LRSS Issue 4 Admin of gov't Creates Missouri Department of Labor Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 5 Admin of gov't Creates Department of Budget Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 6 Admin of gov't Abolishes State Inspector of Oils Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 7 Admin of gov't Abolishes State Beverage Inspector Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 8 Admin of gov't Creates Supervisor of Public Welfare office Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 9 Admin of gov't Creates Department of Agriculture Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 10 Redistricting Abolishes and replaces state judicial districts Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 11 Labor Creates a workman's compensation system and administrative body Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 12 Education Creates County Board of Education Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 13 Judiciary Abolishes and replaces certain justices of the peace Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 14 Constitutions Creates a new constitutional article concerning the state judiciary system Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 15 Judiciary Prohibits appointment of new judges Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 16 Judiciary Abolishes constables in certain townships Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 17 Redistricting Divides Missouri into sixteen Congressional districts Defeatedd

LRSS Issue 18 Labor Repeal of the workman's compensation act Defeatedd

CISS Issue 19 Redistricting Redistricting of the Missouri State Senate Defeatedd


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Type Title Subject Description Result
IndISS Divorce Law Divorce & Custody Laws governing divorce Defeatedd

North Dakota

See also: North Dakota 1922 ballot measures

June 28
Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Initiative Education Repeals minimum teacher training and salary standards Approveda

CISS Initiative Bonds Raises the limits of bonded indebtedness from 10 million to 20 million Approveda

LRCA Referendum Civil Rights Changes residency requirements for voting Approveda

November 7

Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Initiative Food and Agri Creates the office of the state supervisor of grades, weights and measures Approveda


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November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Amendment 1 Alcohol Allows for sale of beverages with less than 2.75% alcohol, allows personal use of alcohol, and limits prohibition enforcement Defeatedd

CICA Amendment 2 Gov't Finances Imposes limitations on government debt Defeatedd

CICA Amendment 3 Taxes Imposes limitations on taxation Defeatedd


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Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA State Question 116 Veterans A bonus for all WWI veterans from Oklahoma of $50 for each month served during America's involvement in the war Defeatedd


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November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 Taxes Requires the annual levy of a two mills tax in Linn County, Oregon, until all county warrants are paid Approveda

LRCA Measure 2 Taxes Requires the annual levy of a two mills tax in Linn County and permits the issuance of bonds in Benton County, until the counties' warrants are paid Approveda

CICA Measure 3 Taxes Authorizes a single land tax in lieu of all other state taxes Defeatedd

CICA Measure 4 Taxes Authorizes Portland to raise $3,000,000 by levying and collecting a special tax over three years in order to hold an exposition on statewide economic advantages in 1925 Defeatedd

CICA Measure 5 Taxes Requires that one-half of the state tax levy be levied on net incomes of persons and corporations Defeatedd

CISS Measure 6 Education Requires children between eight and sixteen to attend a public school with some exceptions Approveda

South Dakota

See also: South Dakota 1922 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
CI No Performance on Sundays Regulations Not Open on Sundays Defeatedd

Initiative State Owned Banks Measure Bank Reform Establish state owned banks Defeatedd

Initiative Power Plants Regulations Build and operate hydroelectric power plans and emission systems Defeatedd

CI Abolish State Police Measure Admin of gov't Abolish state constabulary Defeatedd

CI Move State University Measure Education Move state university from Vermillion to Sioux Falls Defeatedd


See also: Washington 1922 ballot measures

November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 40 Suffrage Repeals the state's annual poll tax Approveda

ITP Initiative 46 Education Mandates that the state school fund produce $30 per schoolchild, distributes these funds based on the number of teachers and students in a school and fixes the tax levy for school districts Defeatedd

VR Referendum 12 Public Works Allows the issuance of public works certificates to public service companies even when similar services are already being rendered in a given locality Defeatedd

VR Referendum 13 Education Permits parents to forbid physical examinations of their children and removes vaccination requirements for school attendance Defeatedd

VR Referendum 14 Elections Enforces a closed primary, gives powers of voter registration procuration to city comptrollers or town clerks and requires electors to state their party affiliation at the time of registration Defeatedd

VR Referendum 15 Elections Changes the powers of precinct chairpeople and party committees, how candidates for public office are nominated and guidelines for party conventions Defeatedd

LRCA Amendment to I.22 Law Enforcement Allows for the trial of a person accused for a public offense to be held in any county Approveda

LRCA Amendment to VIII.4 Gov't Finances Mandates that payments from state appropriations should be made within one calendar month after the end of the next fiscal biennium Approveda

LRCA Amendment to II.23 Legislatures Increases the per day pay of members of the legislature from $5 to $10 Defeatedd


See also: Wisconsin 1922 ballot measures

November 7
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Term limits Allows for sheriffs to have unlimited successive terms Defeatedd

LRCA Question 2 Law enforcement Allows for there to be jury verdicts decided by a 5/6ths majority in civil cases Approveda

LRCA Question 3 Utilities Allows for municipalities to take on debt to fund public utilities Defeatedd