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1962 ballot measures

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See also: Alaska 1962 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
IndISS Initiative 1 Admin of Gov't Relocate state capitol to western Alaska, but not within 30 miles of Anchorage Defeatedd

Alaska BP Proposition 1 Bonds $5.95 million for University of Alaska Approveda

Alaska BP Proposition 2 Bonds $5 million for school construction Approveda

Alaska BP Proposition 3 Bonds $4.175 million for trunk airport construction Approveda

Alaska BP Proposition 4 Bonds $2.2 million for vocational school construction Approveda


See also: Arizona 1962 ballot measures

November 6:
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 100 Administration of government Details legislative powers in the event of an enemy attack Approveda

LRCA Proposition 101 Elections and campaigns Allows for primary and general Congressional elections in the event of a vacancy Approveda

LRCA Proposition 102 Suffrage Details the parameters regarding who is eligible to vote Approveda

CICA Proposition 103 Business regulation Allows those working in real estate to draft and fill out certain documents Approveda

CISS Measure No. 200 Taxes Creates two new offices in order to streamline the process of property appraisals Defeatedd


See also: Arkansas 1962 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
VR Arkansas Referred Act 199, Motor Vehicle Commission (1962) Admin. of gov't. Dealt with the motor vehicle commission. Defeatedd


See also: California 1962 ballot propositions

June 5

Type Title Subject Description Result
LBM Proposition 1 Bonds $200 million in bonds for construction or improvement of public schools Approveda

LBM Proposition 2 Bonds $250 million in bonds for farm and home aid for California veterans Approveda

LBM Proposition 3 Bonds $270 million in bonds for the "building construction, equipment and site acquisition needs of the state government" Defeatedd

LBM Proposition 4 Bonds $100 million in bonds for low-rent housing for low-income people Defeatedd

LBM Proposition 5 Bonds $150 million in bonds to acquire and develop land for recreational purposes Defeatedd

LRSS Proposition 6 DST Extend period of Daylight Saving Time from last Sunday in September to last Sunday in October Approveda

November 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition 1A Bonds $270 million in bonds for construction of higher education facilities Approveda

LRCA Proposition 1 Salaries State legislators can't earn more than one-half of the annual salary of a member of the U.S. Congress Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 2 Taxes Real estate subject to veterans' tax exemption can include a single-family dwelling owned by a nonprofit co-op Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 3 Taxes Details of residency requirement to qualify for veterans' tax exemption Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 4 Taxes Rules governing tax assessment of agricultural land Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 5 Labor In the event of the death of an employee without dependents, worker's compensation payment can go to state Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 6 Bonds Bond issues are to be submitted to people as a bond act or statute rather than constitutional amendment Approveda

LRCA Proposition 7 Constitution Allow the state legislature to propose a wholesale constitutional revision to the electorate Approveda

LRCA Proposition 8 Legislature State legislative committees can hear bills 20 (rather than 30) days after introduction Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 9 Bonds "General Obligation Bond Proceeds Fund" into which proceeds of all general obligation bond issues are placed Approveda

LRCA Proposition 10 Taxes Tax exemptions for religious, hospital or charitable purposes to property leased for 99 years Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 11 Taxes Tax assessments of real estate in historical landmark areas Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 12 Veterans State funds can be used to aid widows of veterans who served during time of war to buy farms/homes Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 13 Taxes Nonprofit college tax exemption extended to all grounds within which buildings are located Approveda

LRCA Proposition 14 Land Rules governing the sale of tidelands Approveda

LRCA Proposition 15 Taxes Counties with a population exceeding 400,000 can create tax appeals boards by ordinance Approveda

LRCA Proposition 16 Constitution Repeal and amend provisions of the California Constitution to eliminate obsolete and superseded provisions Approveda

LRCA Proposition 17 Salaries Members of California State Legislature shall receive a salary not to exceed $834/month Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 18 Admin of gov't Staggered four-year appointments of members of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board Defeatedd

LRCA Proposition 19 Salaries County commissioners or city council members can receive salary increase when any member of the group does Approveda

LRCA Proposition 20 Regulations Allow state legislature to amend the Boxing and Wrestling Initiative Act of 1924 Approveda

LRCA Proposition 21 Judiciary Rules governing the election of superior court judges in counties with more than 5 million residents Approveda

CISS Proposition 22 Healthcare Board of Osteopathic Examiners Approveda

CICA Proposition 23 Legislature Establish 50 (instead of existing 40) California State Senate districts Defeatedd

CICA Proposition 24 War and peace Declaration of the "existence, purposes, and objectives of world communist movement" Defeatedd


See also: Colorado 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 Admin of Gov't Reorganizes the State Judicial Department Approveda

LRCA Measure 2 Local Gov't Affects officers of the City of Denver and the County of Denver Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 3 Taxes Defines “income” based on federal law for the purposes of taxation Approveda

LRCA Measure 4 Elections Establishes voter qualifications, including the right to vote for President by non-residents Approveda

LRCA Measure 5 Taxes Modifies how taxable property is assessed Approveda

LRCA Measure 6 Local Gov't Changes the term lengths of county and local officers Defeatedd

CICA Measure 7 Redistricting Provides for senatorial and representative districts and reapportions the General Assembly Approveda

CICA Measure 8 Redistricting Creates a Commission on Legislative Reapportionment Defeatedd


See also: Connecticut 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Elections Concerns absentee voting on constitutional amendments Approveda

LRCA Question 2 Elections Concerns the qualifications of electors Approveda

LRCA Question 3 Elections, State Exec Concerns the election of the governor and lieutenant governor Approveda

LRCA Question 4 Elections Concerns privileges of electors in towns throughout the state Approveda

LRCA Question 5 Elections Concerns admission as electors in absentia of servicemen and related groups Approveda


See also: Florida 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Redistricting Provides for apportionment of the Florida Legislature Defeatedd

LRCA Amendment 2 County gov't Provides for the superintendent of Public Instruction to be appointed by the County Board of Public Instruction in certain counties Approveda

LRCA Amendment 3 Gov't accountability Relates to the legislature's power to impeach officers Approveda

LRCA Amendment 4 Trials Authorizes Pasco County to hold civil jury trials in any branch court house within the county Approveda

LRCA Amendment 5 State judiciary Provides for the State Attorney of the 4th Judicial Circuit to be the prosecuting attorney of the Duval County Criminal Court of Record Approveda

LRCA Amendment 6 State judiciary Relates to the number of circuit judges provided by legislature Defeatedd

LRCA Amendment 7 Constitutional language Revises the preamble of the constitution of the state of Florida Approveda

LRCA Amendment 8 Constitutional language Authorizes the revision to the state's coastal boundaries to match federal or international standards Approveda

LRCA Amendment 9 Constitutional language Revises wording regarding division of powers withing the state Approveda


See also: Idaho 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA HJR 10 Judiciary Eliminates probate courts as constitutional courts Approveda

LRCA SJR 1 Civil rights Permits citizens of Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian descent full rights Approveda

LRCA SJR 6 Elections Requires residency to vote for President Approveda


See also: Maine 1962 ballot measures

June 18
Type Title Subject Description Result
BI Referendum Question Education Issues up to $1.5 million in bonds for development of educational television network Approveda

November 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1 Pension Limits uses of funds in State Retirement System to retirement purposes Approveda

LRCA Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 2 Bonds Allows voters to issue municipal bonds for construction and industrial purposes Approveda


See also: Massachusetts 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Taxes Implements a graduated state income tax Defeatedd

VR Question 2 Gov't Salaries Increases the compensation and allowances of state legislators Defeatedd


See also: Nevada 1962 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
I&R Measure Direct democracy Makes alterations to the states referendum and initiative laws Approveda

North Dakota

See also: North Dakota 1962 ballot measures

June 26
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Referendum 1 Legislature Gives North Dakota Legislative Assembly unlimited power in cases of defense emergencies Approveda

LRCA Referendum 2 Gov't Finances Allows for separate budgets and appropriations for some agricultural issues Defeatedd

LRCA Referendum 3 Gov't Salaries Repeals section limiting legislators future elections and appointments Defeatedd

LRSS Referendum 4 Taxes Reduces the amount of tax levy limiting counties with no limitation on tax levy for county poor relief purposes Defeatedd

November 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Initiative 1 Bonds Allows state bonds to make loans to companies to establish power generating facilities Approveda

CICA Initiative 2 Term limits Changes terms of office for county officials from two to four years Approveda

CISS Initiative 3 Elections Provides for a secret primary election ballot instead of requiring voters to declare party preference at the polls Approveda


See also: Ohio 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Issue 1 Sunday Makes it unconstitutional to prohibit the operation of certain businesses on Sundays Defeatedd


See also: Oklahoma 1962 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Question 408 Redistricting Reapportionment of the Oklahoma State Legislature Defeatedd


See also: Oregon 1962 ballot measures

May 18
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 Taxes Affects the state's six percent tax increase limitation Defeatedd

LRCA Measure 2 Gov't Salaries Increases the annual salaries of state legislators Approveda

November 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 War & Peace Authorizes the legislature to reorganize the state militia and empowers the Governor and Adjutant General to appoint all officers Approveda

LRCA Measure 2 Gov't Finances Bases the debt limit regarding forest rehabilitation on 3/16 of 1% of trust cash value of all taxable property within the state Approveda

LRCA Measure 3 Gov't Finances Bases the debt limit regarding permanent roads on 1% of trust cash value of all taxable property within the state Approveda

LRCA Measure 4 Gov't Finances Bases the debt limit regarding power development on 1.5% of trust cash value of all taxable property within the state Approveda

LRCA Measure 5 Judiciary Authorizes the legislature to create lower state courts and regulate their jurisdiction Approveda

LRSS Measure 6 Time Establishes daylight savings time throughout the state Approveda

LRCA Measure 7 Taxes Permits an existing taxing unit to preserve its tax base without making at least one levy in every three consecutive years Approveda

LRCA Measure 8 Redistricting Increases the number of members in the Senate to 35 and in the House of Representatives to 65 and provides for both geographically permanent districts and districts based on population Defeatedd

CISS Measure 9 Education Repeals the school district reorganization law which established unified administrative districts Defeatedd


See also: Texas 1962 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Prop 1 Admin of gov't Providing Workman's Compensation Insurance for all employees of all political subdivisions. Approveda

LRCA Prop 2 Spending Raising the limit on use of state funds to assist needy aged, needy blind and needy children. Approveda

LRCA Prop 3 Healthcare Creating hospital districts in Ochiltree, Castro, Hansford and Hopkins Counties. Approveda

LRCA Prop 4 Admin of gov't Providing for a State program of acquiring conservation storage facilities in reservoirs. Approveda

LRCA Prop 5 Healthcare Creating hospital districts and prescribing limitations upon the powers of such districts. Approveda

LRCA Prop 6 Admin of gov't Authorizing retirement, disability, and death benefits for elected and appointive officers and employees of counties and political subdivisions who have served for twelve years or more. Defeatedd

LRCA Prop 7 Admin of gov't Insuring continuity of state and local governmental operations in periods of emergency resulting from disasters caused by enemy attack. Approveda

LRCA Prop 8 Spending Establish a ceiling per year on the amount that may be paid out of state funds for assistance payments to the totally and permanently disabled. Approveda

LRCA Prop 9 Healthcare Authorizing the financing of a home for the aged in Titus County, and for permitting the Legislature to authorize the creation of two hospital districts in Brazoria County. Defeatedd

LRCA Prop 11 Veterans Authorizing the resale of lands of the Veterans Land Fund remaining unsold after having been first offered to sale to veterans. Approveda

LRCA Prop 12 Admin of gov't For the Constitutional Amendment permitting state employees to serve as a consultant or on an advisory committee. Defeatedd

LRCA Prop 12 Admin of gov't Delegating limited zoning powers to any county bordering on the Gulf of Mexico or the tidewater limits thereof. Approveda

LRCA Prop 13 Bonds Taxes or bonds previously voted in any independent school district shall not be invalidated by any change in boundaries and authorizing the continuance of the levy of taxes after such change. Approveda

LRCA Prop 14 Admin of gov't| Providing for trials de novo on all appeals from actions, rulings, or decisions of administrative or executive agencies of government. Defeatedd


See also: Washington 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 211 Redistricting Reapportions and redistricts the state legislature Defeatedd

VR Referendum 32 Food & Agri Enables the Department of Agriculture to supervise and regulate the production, distribution and marketing of milk products Defeatedd

VR Referendum 33 Gov't Finances Authorizes cities and towns to conduct financial audits through private accountants Defeatedd

LRCA SJR 9 Direct Democracy Requires the sending of one voters' pamphlet to each place of residence Approveda

LRCA SJR 25 Direct Democracy Requires the publication in weekly newspapers of all constitutional amendments on the ballot for three months prior to the election Approveda

LRCA HJR 6 Judiciary Empowers the supreme court to appoint judges or retired judges to temporarily serve in the supreme court and authorizes any superior court judge to perform judicial duties in any superior court Approveda

LRCA HJR 9 Admin of Gov't Empowers the legislature to provide a method of temporary succession to elected and appointed offices resulting from an emergency that incapacitates those serving in those offices Approveda


See also: Wisconsin 1962 ballot measures

November 6
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Redistricting Removes exclusion for "Indians not tax" from redistricting calculations Approveda

LRCA Question 2 County Gov't Allows for County Executives to hold 4-year terms of office in counties with 500,000 people Approveda

LRCA Question 2a County Gov't Provides County Executives with veto power in counties with 500,000 people Approveda

LRSS Question 3 Suffrage Gives former Wisconsin residents the right to vote by absentee ballot in presidential elections Approveda