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1991 ballot measures

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Thirty-seven ballot measures were on statewide ballots in 1991 in seven states.


See also: Louisiana 1991 ballot measures

October 19
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Amendment 1 Approveda

LRCA Amendment 2 Defeatedd

LRCA Amendment 3 Defeatedd

LRCA Amendment 4 Approveda

LRCA Amendment 5 Approveda

LRCA Amendment 6 Approveda

LRCA Amendment 7 Approveda

LRCA Amendment 8 Defeatedd


See also: Maine 1991 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
CISS Question 1 Transportation Width of Maine turnpike Approveda

LRCA Question 2 State budget State retirement funds not to be diverted Approveda

BI Question 3 Bonds $5.5 million bond for correctional facilities Defeatedd

BI Question 4 Bonds $16.5 million bond for water projects Defeatedd

BI Question 5 Bonds $7.5 million bond for natural resource financing Defeatedd

BI Question 6 Bonds $5 million bond to purchase land for parks, preservation Defeatedd

BI Question 7 Bonds $10 million bond for recycling equipment for municipalities Defeatedd

BI Question 8 Bonds $5 million bond for state parks, historic buildings Defeatedd

BI Question 9 Bonds $29.7 million bond for highways, bridges Approveda


See also: Missouri 1991 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Proposition B Taxes Increases taxes for education Defeatedd

New Jersey

See also: New Jersey 1991 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
Public Question 1
Public Question 2


See also: Oklahoma 1991 ballot measures

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Question 639 Education Repeal HB 1017, an education reform package Defeatedd


See also: Texas 1991 ballot measures

August 10:
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Prop 1 Taxes Allow voters of a county education district to adopt certain exemptions from the districts ad valorem taxation Approveda

LRCA Prop 2 Bonds Allow general obligation bonds to provide educational loans to students. Defeatedd

November 5:

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Prop 1 Direct democracy Allow home-rule cities with a population of 5,000 or less to amend charters by popular vote Approveda

LRCA Prop 2 Budget Turnpike Authority required to repay certain monies to the Department of Transportation Approveda

LRCA Prop 3 Veterans Expand investment authority of the Veterans' Land Board Approveda

LRCA Prop 4 Bond issues $1.1 billion in bonds for prisons Approveda

LRCA Prop 5 Taxes In enterprise zones, exempt some property from taxation Defeatedd

LRCA Prop 6 Admin of gov't Establish the Texas Ethics Commission Approveda

LRCA Prop 7 Spending Allow board of trustees of public retirement system to invest funds as it considers prudent. Defeatedd

LRCA Prop 8 Spending Authorize state legislature to submit debt questions to voters as ballot measures Approveda

LRCA Prop 9 Admin of gov't Authorize General Land Office to issue patents for public free school fund land for 50 years under some conditions Approveda

LRCA Prop 10 Taxes Some property owned by non-profit water supply or wastewater companies exempt for property taxes Approveda

LRCA Prop 11 Gambling State lottery authorized Approveda

LRCA Prop 12 Bonds Increase amount of bonds that may be issued for economically distressed areas Approveda

LRCA Prop 13 Bonds Allow the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to issue bonds Approveda


See also: Washington 1991 ballot measures

November 5
Type Title Subject Description Result
ITP Initiative 553 Term Limits Imposes term limits on the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, State Legislatures and the state's delegation to the U.S. Congress Defeatedd

ITP Initiative 559 Taxes Sets property values for tax purposes back to the January 1, 1985 value Defeatedd

LRSS Referendum 42 Taxes Funds an emergency telephone dialing system through a tax on telephone lines Approveda

ITL Initiative 119 Assisted Death Legalizes assisted death in cases of medically terminal conditions Defeatedd

ITL Initiative 120 Abortion Declares that a woman has a right to choose physician performed abortion prior to fetal viability Approveda

LRCA SJR 8203 Local Gov't Allows for an alternative method of drafting county home rule charters Defeatedd

LRCA HJR 4821 Judiciary Allows counties to establish the number of Superior Court Commissioners Defeatedd

LRCA Sub. HJR 4221 Judiciary Removes "cases in equity" from the jurisdiction of the Superior Court Defeatedd


See also: Wisconsin 1991 ballot measures

April 2
Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Housing Permits the state to provide housing for persons of low or moderate income Defeatedd

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