2008 election fraud in Georgia finally investigated

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May 27, 2011


by David Godow

ATLANTA, Georgia:

Georgia officials may have finally resolved several instances of election fraud from over two years ago.

In an unusually well-publicized example of double voting, three Georgia men were caught casting ballots both in their home state and the neighboring swing state of Florida. Although voting twice is a felony, each man's second vote was cast in Florida. Thus, it is up to Florida officials to prosecute the men for that more serious offense. Georgia's power to punish extends only to a $500 fine.[1]

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp also held a meeting on Tuesday to censure supporters of David Osborne, a 2008 candidate for a seat on the Chatham County Commission. According to the State Election Board, local political operatives appear to have forged some 50 signatures, including the names of two dead peple, on a petition to get Osborne on the ballot. Significantly, Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisholm, according to assistant attorney general Ann Brumbaugh, may have avoided prosecuting these violations earlier since one of the petition circulators involved also worked on Chisholm's successful campaign in 2008.[2]

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