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2015 ballot measures

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Tuesday Count and 2015 Scorecard

Potential measuresFiled Initiatives

Election Dates
April 7May 5November 3

Ballot Measures by State

Ballot Measures by Topic

EducationRedistrictingState judiciaryTaxesTransportation

Five statewide ballot measures have thus far been certified for spots on four statewide ballots for 2015.

If this year is similar to previous odd-numbered years (such as 2013, 2011, 2009 and 2007), it will feature roughly three dozen statewide ballot questions in a handful of states.

The states that nearly always have statewide ballot measures on their odd-year ballots are Texas, New Jersey and the State of Washington. Other states that show up with statewide measures in odd-numbered years with some frequency are Colorado, Maine and New York. Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Ohio and Utah also show up in odd-numbered years from time-to-time.

By date

April 7

May 5

November 3

By state


Michigan 2015 ballot measures

May 5:

Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Proposal 1 Taxes Increases the state's sales tax from six to seven percent


Mississippi 2015 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
IndICA Initiative 42 Education Requires the state to provide for an "adequate and efficient system of free public schools"
LRCA Alternative 42 Education Requires an "efficient system of free public schools"


Ohio 2015 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment Redistricting Creates a bipartisan redistricting commission to draw state legislative districts


Wisconsin 2015 ballot measures

April 7:

Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Question 1 Judiciary Provides for the election of the supreme court chief justice for a two year term by a majority of the justices on the court