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2015, if it shapes up as similar to previous odd-numbered-years, will feature roughly three dozen statewide ballot questions in a handful of states.

Potential measures


See also: Maine 2015 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
IndISS Ranked Choice Voting Initiative Elections Establishes statewide ranked-choice voting
IndISS Amendment to Overturn Citizens United Ruling Initiative Fed Con Orders the legislature to petition Congress to approve an amendment excluding money from free speech protections and corporations from the definition of "natural persons"
IndISS Parental Consent for Abortion Initiative Abortion Requires parental consent for minors seeking to have an abortion
IndISS Remove Concealed Handgun Permit Initiative Firearms Repeals the concealed handgun permit requirement
IndISS Mandatory Minimums for Sexual Offenses Initiative Law Enforcement Creates mandatory minimum sentences for sexual offenses against victims under 12 years of age
IndISS Remove Restrictions on Weapons Initiative Firearms Removes restrictions on the carrying and use of weapons
VR Common Core Referendum Education Repeals use of Common Core standards in state schools


See also: Mississippi 2015 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
IndICA Initiative 42 Education Requires the state to provide for an "adequate and efficient system of free public schools"
LRSS Public Smoking Ban Act Tobacco Bans public smoking throughout the state


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Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Size of Legislature Reduction Amendment Legislature Reduces the size of the state legislature


See also: Texas 2015 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
LRCA Same-Sex Marriage Amendment Marriage Legalizes same-sex marriage in Texas
LRCA Minimum Wage Increase Amendment Min Wage Sets the hourly minimum wage of the greater $10.10 or the federal minimum wage
LRCA “Protect Religious Freedom” Amendment Religion Prohibits the government from burdening an individual’s or organization’s freedom to act or refuse to act in a manner motivated by religious belief, except under certain circumstances
LRCA Judicial Restraint in Religious Doctrine Interpretation Amendment Religion Requires judiciaries to refrain from involvement in religious doctrinal interpretation or application
LRCA Right to Choose Health Insurance Amendment Healthcare Provides for a right to choose or decline to choose to purchase health insurance coverage without penalty
LRCA Half of Counties Approval Amendment Direct Democracy Requires that at least half of the state's counties approve an amendment for it to become law
LRCA Three Terms Limit for Officials Amendment Term Limits Limits the number of terms state executive officials, representatives and senators can serve to three
LRCA Term Limits for Executive Offices Amendment Term Limits Limits the number of consecutive terms a state executive official can serve to two
LRCA Term Limits for Legislators Amendment Term Limits Limits the number of terms legislators, elected local officials and state agency heads can serve
LRCA Automatic Resignation from Office Amendment Elections Provides that an elected statewide official automatically resigns upon becoming a candidate for a different elective office before a certain date
LRCA Court Notice to Attorney General Amendment Judiciary Requires a court to provide notice to the Attorney General of a challenge to the constitutionality of a statute
LRCA Attorney General Licensed to Practice Law Amendment State Exec Requires the Attorney General to be licensed and eligible to practice law in Texas
LRCA Legislative Review of Agency Rules Amendment Legislature Provides for review and approval of state agency rules by the legislature
LRCA State Gaming Commission Amendment Gambling Establishes state gaming commission to regulate gambling
LRCA Bexar County Charter Amendment Local Gov't Allows Bexar County to adopt a charter to integrate the county government with other local political subdivisions
LRCA Population Requirement for Private Road Work Amendment Transportation Authorizes counties with 7,500 people or less to perform private road construction and maintenance
LRCA No Taxing Prescription Medicine Amendment Taxes Prohibits taxing the sale or use of certain prescription medicines
LRCA Partition of Spousal Community Property Amendment Property Authorizes courts to partition the community property of separating spouses
LRCA Maximum Amount of Appropriations Amendment Gov't Finances Establishes a formula for determining the maximum amount of appropriations for a fiscal biennium
LRCA Growth in Appropriations Limitations Amendment Gov't Finances Limits the growth in appropriations by the state's population growth and inflation or deflation
LRCA Debt Payment Excepted from Appropriations Limitations Amendment Gov't Finances Removes certain appropriations for reducing state debt from the limitations on appropriations growth
LRCA Limitations on Motor Vehicle Revenue Use Amendment Transportation Prohibits the legislature from using funds derived from motor vehicle-related revenue for purposes other than acquiring rights-of-way and constructing or maintaining roads in excess of certain amounts
LRCA Prohibition on Using Motor Vehicle Revenue for Policing Amendment Law Enforcement Prohibits using motor vehicle-related revenue for policing public roadways
LRCA Taxes on Sporting Goods for Conservation, Preservation and Recreation Amendment Taxes Requires that revenue from state taxes on sporting goods be appropriated to the Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission
LRCA Homestead Tax for Public Schools Exemption Amendment Taxes Increases the homestead tax for public school purposes exemption from $15,000 to $45,000
LRCA Local Homestead Tax Exemption for Veterans Amendment Taxes Authorizes a local option homestead tax exemption for honorably discharged veterans
LRCA Limit Maximum Appraised Value of Homestead Amendment Taxes Limits the maximum appraised value of a residence homestead for tax purposes to 105 percent


See also: Washington 2015 ballot measures
Type Title Subject Description
ITL Wage-Setting Authority Initiative Minimum wage Grants sole minimum wage-setting authority to the state