4 Ohio Voters file lawsuit against absentee balloting procedures

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September 7, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

COLUMBUS, Ohio: Four registered voters in Ohio are suing the Secretary of State in federal court over absentee balloting procedures[1].

The plaintiffs in the case argue that allowing some counties to send absentee ballots and pay for the return postage while other counties don't, violate the rights of voters. The complaint also states: "this unequal system of voting by absent voter's ballot, which is dependent upon the county in which the elector resides, deprives Ohio electors of the right to participate in elections on an equal basis." The complaint asks all of Ohio's 88 counties follow the same procedure[1].

Franklin, Cuyahoga, Lucas, and Montgomery counties have mailed out absentee ballots and paid for the return postage. According to the Columbus Post-Dispatch, other counties have not paid the return postage for absentee ballots citing a lack of funding from the state and tight budgets[1].

A spokesperson for the Secretary of State said that the lawsuit is being reviewed and did not issue any further comment. Federal judge Susan J. Dlott of the Southern District of Ohio has been assigned to the case. No date has been set on a hearing[1].

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