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A Government by the People: Direct Democracy in America, 1890-1940

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A Government by the People: Direct Democracy in America, 1890-1940 by Thomas Goebel was published by The University of North Carolina Press on January 17, 2007.


Introduction: Building a Government by the People

  1. From the Revolution to the Populists: The Antimonopoly Tradition in American Politics
  2. The Emergence of an Issue: Popular Sovereignty and the Rise of the Initiative and Referendum in the 1890s
  3. Republic or Democracy?: Direct Democracy and American Constitutionalism, 1890-1920
  4. The Keystone in the Arch of Popular Government: Direct Democracy in the American West, 1898-1912
  5. The Nigger Issue is Sure to Be Raised: Direct Democracy in the South and North, 1908-1918
  6. The Trinity of Democracy: Direct Democracy, Antimonopoly, and the Progressive Movement
  7. Direct Democracy in Action: The United States up to 1940
  8. Inventing Modern Politics: Ballot Propositions, Election Campaigns, and Political Consultants in California, 1920-1940

Conclusion: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

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