A picture of the 2014 race for Maryland governor begins to develop as early candidacy announcements come rolling in

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May 30, 2013


By: Josh Altic

Annapolis, Maryland: Both a Democratic and a Republican candidate will soon make announcements concerning next years race to succeed Governor O'Malley, who has reached his term limit.[1]

Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown (D), who kicked off his campaign earlier this month, will be officially introducing Ken Ulman as his running mate for governor on the same day, Monday, June 3rd, as David Craig (R) will announce his official bid for the Republican nomination. Craig will be getting a jump start on other Republican nominees as he is the first to announce his candidacy. Ulman, a Howard County executive and also a potential gubernatorial candidate himself, will reportedly bring a lot to Brown's campaign including voters from Howard, Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties as well as his $2.1 million in campaign funds.[1]

This race is already heating up, as Brown received an important endorsement from the Maryland Association for Justice on Tuesday. Bruce Plaxen, chairman of the association's Political Action Committee said of Brown, “He has exhibited good judgment for almost 15 years as a delegate and lieutenant governor."[2]

Although Maryland has a huge democratic advantage when it comes to voter registration, some think that Craig is one Republican that has a chance. "He doesn't pound his chest on social issues," said Kathy Szeliga, House Minority Whip and a supporter of Craig. "He's more focused on economic issues." Donald F. Norris, chairman of the department of public policy at the University of Maryland said, "If [Craig] is able to get the Republican nomination — the Republican nomination has been taken over by the very far right — he'll be credible in a general election. I think he's a very credible candidate against any Democratic candidate. He can attract conservative Democrats in Baltimore County."[1]

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