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Abilene is a city in and the county seat of Dickinson County, Kansas, 163 miles (262 km) west of Kansas City.

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The good

  • Budgets for the past five fiscal years are available in full. Proposed budget materials for fiscal year 2014 are also available.[1][2]
  • City commission meeting minutes and agendas are available for the current year; minutes are available dating back to 2010. Agendas and minutes are also available for other boards and councils.[3]
  • Contact information, including personalized e-mail addresses and office phone numbers and mailing addresses, are available for key elected and administrative officials.[4]
  • Building permit and zoning information is available, but the requisite forms and applications do not appear to be available online.[5]
  • Financial reports and independent audits dating back to 2007 are available.[6]
  • Information regarding upcoming projects is available, including cost estimates, share to be paid by the city, and a tentative schedule. However, more extensive information on the city's bid and contract processes is not readily accessible.[7]
  • Information regarding public records request procedures is posted, and the requisite form is available for download; the City Clerk is identified as the official custodian of public records and the primary point of contact for all requests.[8][9]
  • Considerable tax information is available, including both property tax and sales tax rates.[10]

The bad

  • The website does not appear to disclose government sector lobbying activities.

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