Abortion bill sent to desk of governor in Delaware

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July 14, 2013

By Jennifer Springer


DOVER, Delaware: A new law that would tighten regulations on abortion providers is headed to the desk of Gov. Jack Markell (D) to be signed after state lawmakers unanimously voted to pass the bill.[1]

On July 1, 2013 the Delaware House passed the Senate-approved bill, SB 140 sponsored by Sen. Robert Venables (D).[2]

The legislation came in response to complaints about unsanitary and dangerous conditions at Planned Parenthood locations in Wilmington and Dover.[1] In late May 2013, two former Planned Parenthood nurses told an ad hoc committee that the centers were conducting “meat market-style assembly-line abortions” while focusing more on profitability than patient care.[1]

If signed into law, the measure would allow employees, in addition to patients, to report health violations that could lead to investigations at abortion centers.[1] The bill also requires abortion centers to receive accreditation from independent, state-approved sources—a direct action against Planned Parenthood, which accredits itself.[1][3]

The bill is less than Republicans in the state wanted, as lawmakers tried to include a provision that would allow “drop-in” inspections at abortion centers but failed to get the provision included in the final version of the bill.[1]

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