After two primary measures, Alaska gearing up for two general election measures

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October 16, 2012

JUNEAU, Alaska: After voting on two indirect initiated state statutes on August 28, 2012, Alaska voters will decide the fate of two more measures, both different from the summer's ballot measures.

The Alaska Transportation Project Bonds Question, Bonding Proposition A will appear on the November 6, 2012 ballot in the state of Alaska as a legislatively-referred state statute. The measure would allow for a general obligation bond to be issued for the purpose of transportation projects in the state. The general obligation bond would not exceed $453,499,200.

The Alaska Constitutional Convention Question will also appear on the ballot in the state of Alaska, but as an automatic ballot referral.

The measure would create a convention to revise, alter or amend the state constitution. The last time a constitutional convention question was on the ballot in the state was in 2002. That measure was defeated. A constitutional convention is a gathering of elected delegates who propose revisions and amendments to a constitution. 233 constitutional conventions to deliberate on state-level constitutions have been held in the United States.

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