Air quality concerns a major issue in Utah

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February 13, 2013


By Justin Haas

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: Governor Gary Herbert and Utah's GOP leaders have been working on plans to address the air pollution problems caused by the Wasatch Front's seasonal inversions. The inversions occur when cold air gets trapped under a layer of hot air and is due to the valley being surrounded by mountains. The result is that air pollution is unable to escape and lingers in the valley.[1]

"We want our constituency to know we also believe in clean air," said House Majority Leader Brad Dee. He went on to say "I want to have clean air for my children and grandchildren, and I'm not saying our counterparts do not. But the things (Democrats are) proposing right now are very short-term, very quick fixes that don't deal with the major problems with inversion and pollution in our valley."[1]

House Republicans listed a number of ideas including reducing restrictions on Utah's HOV lanes to ease congestion and making it easier to drive alternative fuel vehicles.[1]

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