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Al Loma recall, STAR Academy, Colorado (2014)

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An effort to recall Al Loma from his position on the STAR (Science, Technology and Arts) Academy School Board was first attempted in February 2014. Recall organizers submitted enough petitions during a March 5, 2014, meeting to force an election.[1] However, Loma resigned before a recall election could be held.[2]

The group seeking Loma's removal first attempted to submit signatures during a February 25, 2014, meeting, but board policy requires at least 50 percent of members present for a recall presentation.[3]

Recall supporter arguments

Recall supporters seek to remove Loma due to his efforts to change the method of board member selection. Loma's proposed policy changes would fill board seats by appointment rather than a vote by district parents. Petitioners also criticize the quality of janitorial services provided by members of Loma's Victory Outreach church.[3]

Path to the ballot

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Board policy requires recall supporters to present signatures from at least 25 percent of parents with children at the school to schedule a recall election. Supporters claim that they have signatures from 30 percent or 138 parents with children at the school. The board would have had to schedule an election within 45 days of receiving valid signatures.[3] However, Loma resigned before the election could be scheduled.[2]

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