Alabama Democrats to take redistricting challenge to federal level

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July 15, 2012


By Geoff Pallay

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama: Earlier this year, Republicans passed new state legislative redistricting maps for the Alabama State Senate and Alabama House of Representatives. Last week, state Democrats said they would challenge the new maps at the federal level with the Department of Justice.[1]

House Minority Leader Craig Ford (D) said that any state-level challenge would have ended up before the Alabama Supreme Court, which he says is dominated by the Republican Party.[1]

Democrats maintain that the new maps split some counties unnecessarily while also diluting the African-American vote. Republicans defended the lines, stating that the changes were made to accommodate shifting populations.[1]

The Alabama State Legislature will not hold elections in 2012. The members serve 4-year terms -- thus, the new maps will not be implemented until the 2014 elections.

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