Alabama Local Government Records Commission

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Alabama Local Government Records Commission
Leadership: Director of the Department of Archives and History
Founded by: Alabama Public Records Law
Records preservation and destruction.

The Alabama Local Government Records Commission was established in 1987 as an offshoot to Alabama State Records Commission in order to better assist the local governments in determining what records should be preserved for historical interest and what records should be destroyed. While they do not hold hearings or decided cases about open records violations, they do possess a considerable amount of historical power, shaping what records are preserved by the local governments and permitting the destruction of current records.


The duties of the commission, as stated on the commissions website, are:

  • conducting surveys of public records created by counties, municipalities, and other agencies of local government
  • determining which local government records "shall be permanently preserved because of historical value and which . . . may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of. . . ."
  • issuing retention guidelines and other regulations for local government records, based on their evidential, informational, and historical value
  • approving records destruction requests submitted by local government agencies. "No county, municipal, or other local government official shall cause any . . . record to be destroyed or otherwise disposed of without first obtaining the approval of the local government records commission" (Code of Alabama 1975, 41-13-23).[1]


The commissions membership is composed of twelve members:

  • Director of the Department of Archives and History, chairperson
  • Chief Examiner of the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • one member from the University of Alabama, to be designated by the head of the department of history
  • one member from Auburn University, to be designated by the head of the department of history
  • one probate judge who is not a chairman of a county commission
  • two chairmen of county commissions who are not also probate judges
  • one county tax assessor
  • two city clerks, to be appointed by the Governor

The university representatives may be removed at any time. Appointment to the commission is a nonsalaried appointment. However, the act does permit members to be compensated for expenses incurred while performing their duties.[2]

Meeting information

The commission is obligated to hold regular meetings in January, April, July and October. The meeting times and agendas are posted on the website. To review them please see: Alabama Local Records Commission meeting times

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