Alabama congressional redistricting not quite done yet

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September 15, 2011


MONTGOMERY, Alabama: Despite the fact that Governor Robert Bentley (R) signed the congressional redistricting legislation on June 8, 2011, the new process has not quite crossed the finish line yet.

This week, in a move similar to the strategy undertaken by other states like North Carolina and Texas, Attorney General Luther Strange (R) asked a federal court to approve the new map.[1]

Meanwhile, the legislative committee on reapportionment will be holding public hearings throughout the state in early October to garner more feedback on the approved districts.[2] The committee is encouraging public comments to be submitted in written form in advance of the meetings.[3]

Congressional primaries will be held in Alabama on March 13. According to Jim McClendon (R), chair of the reapportionment committee, a ruling will be required by early next year to move forward on schedule. Joe Reed, chair of the Alabama Democratic Conference, said he believes a second majority-minority district should have been drawn -- the new map has one district where the majority of voters are African-American.[1]

Because the map is already approved, it is unclear whether the hearings will have any impact on the pre-clearance process.

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