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Local officials in Alabama are in charge of running the municipal governments for the counties, cities, townships, villages and school districts.

Elected positions

The following are elected positions for municipal governments according the Alabama Constitution. The election days may vary as the local entities have the choice to switch these dates.[1]

Position Term length Elected in
Mayor 4 years November
County Commissioner 4 years November
Sheriff 4 years November
Coroner 4 years November
Treasurer 4 years November
Tax assessor 6 years November
Tax collector 6 years November

Appointed positions

The following are appointed positions for municipal governments according the Alabama Constitution.

Position Term / contract length Appointed by Who cannot serve
County engineer Cannot exceed 5 years County commissioners Consulting firms
County surveyors (2) 3 years County commissioners Court must be satisfied of qualifications


Up until the late 1970s, the predominant form of municipal government in the state of Alabama was commissions, whose members were elected either at-large or by district.[2] In the late 1970's there were a number of court rulings that said districts must vote by mayor-council form in order to allow more opportunity for black officials.[2] However, in 1980 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Mobile may elect its public officials at-large.[2]

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