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Transparency legislation proposed in Alabama.


House Bill 154[1] would prohibit the transferring of funds from one political action committee to another.[1] It was passed in the House on February 12, 2009 and sent to the Senate as Senate Bill 207 where it has been assigned to the Constitutions and Election Committee.[2] The Alabama legislature has passed bills banning the transfer of these funds among political action committees each year beginning in 2000, but the bills have never become law.[2]

House Bill 295[3] would require the public disclosure of the names of public officials, spouses of public officials or candidates who have a contract with or are employed by the state, county, or a municipality.[3] It was assigned to the Government Operations Committee on February 26, 2009.[3] Its companion bill in the Senate is Senate Bill 208.[4]

House Bill 876[5] seeks to make poll lists signed by voters the property of political parties and thereby subject to the open records law.[5]

Senate Bill 207[6] is the companion bill to House Bill 154.

Senate Bill 208[4] is the companion bill to House Bill 295. It was assigned to the Constitution, Campaign Finance, Ethics and Elections Committees in the Senate.[4]

Senate Bill 353[7] would make any meeting in which a state party participates in the meeting subject to the state's Open Meetings Act.[7] It is currently being held in the Governmental Affairs Committee of the Senate.[7]

Senate Bill 399[8] seeks to make background checks performed on employees of secondary education institutions confidential and not subject to public records laws.[8] It has been assigned to the Education Committee in the Senate.[8]