Alabama voters to see four statewide measures in November

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August 25, 2010

MONTGOMERY, Alabama: Four measures will appear on the Alabama statewide ballot on November 2, 2010. The measure count for the state general election ballot was finalized after a constitutional amendment committee decided in late August which proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendments would appear on county ballots and which would appear on the statewide ballot. There are multiple proposed constitutional amendments sent to the ballot by the Alabama Legislature, however, the rest will appear on local county ballots. The reason being is that in order to pass local county laws, an amendment to the state constitution is needed. Alabama mandates that county governments seek legislative approval or legislatively-referred constitutional amendment ballot measures for approval of laws.

One amendment on the statewide ballot would settle a sales tax dispute that has plagued the city of Warrior, Alabama, located in Blount County. Another measure calls for a ten year road and bridge construction program to be funded by appropriations from the Alabama Trust Fund.[1]

The next measure would provide that special county educational taxes be levied by a majority vote, instead of three fifths vote of qualified voters. Finally, the last measure would change the Alabama Constitution to state that any prohibition against collections of any new taxes levied apply only to ad valorem taxes levied under the provisions of Amendment 778.[2]

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