Alaska 1976 ballot measures

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17 statewide ballot measures were on the 1976 ballot in Alaska.

On the ballot

Type Title Subject Description Result
IndISS Fishery Permits Business regulation Regulate entry into fisheries Defeatedd
LRSS Capitol Location Admin of gov't Deciding where the new site for the capital should be Willow chosen as capital
LRCA Gubernatorial Veto Legislature Procedures for gubernatorial vetos Approveda
LRCA Permanent Fund Natural resources Permanent fund from mineral income Approveda
LRCA Aid to Students Education Public funds for students going to private schools Defeatedd
VR Compensation Referendum Veto Referendum Compensation for legislators (Ch. 205, SLA 1975) Approveda
LRCA State Land Disposal Natural resources Legislature empowered to require approval of disposal of state lands Defeatedd
Alaska BP Proposition 1 Bonds $7,100,000 for fire fighter training Approveda
Alaska BP Proposition 2 Bonds $59,290,000 for school construction Approveda
Alaska BP Proposition 3 Bonds $6,660,000 for parks and recreation Approveda
Alaska BP Proposition 4 Bonds $29,205,000 for fish and game management facilities Approveda
Alaska BP Proposition 5 Bonds $7,500,000 for senior citizen housing development Approveda
Alaska BP Proposition 6 Bonds $26,960,000 for the University of Alaska Defeatedd
Alaska BP Proposition 7 Bonds $53,360,000 for road, trail and ferry maintenance Approveda
Alaska BP Proposition 8 Bonds $6,866,000 for airport construction Approveda
Alaska BP Proposition 9 Bonds $10,630,000 for justice facilities construction and remodeling Defeatedd
Alaska BP Proposition 10 Bonds $31 million for water supply and sewage systems Approveda

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