Alaska 2002 citizen initiatives

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This is a historical listing of Alaska ballot initiatives in 2002.

2002 general election

Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Outcome
LR Alaska ballot measure 1 (2002) Administration of Government Shall there be a constitutional convention? Defeated
CIISS Alaska ballot measure 2 (2002) Administration of Government Moving location of legislative sessions Defeated
CIISS Alaska ballot measure 3 (2002) Environment Establish an Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority as a public corporation of the State. Approved
VR Alaska State Veterans Mortgage, Bonding Proposition A (2002) Bond issue States guaranteed veterans residential mortgage bonds $500,000,000 Approved
VR Alaska Transportation, Bonding Proposition B (2002) Bond issue Transportation bonds $226,719,500 Approved
VR Alaska Educational and Museum Facilities, Bonding Proposition C (2002) Bond issue State general obligation education and museum facility, design, construction, and major maintenance bonds $236,805,441 Approved
CIISS Alaska Runoff Voting Initiative, Measure 1 (August 2002) Election regulations Would adopt preferential or instant runoff voting; authorizing local option to adopt preferential or instant runoff voting; repealing conflicting statutes; and providing severability Defeated

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