Alaska Advisory Vote on Unicameral Legislature (1976)

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The Advisory Vote on Unicameral Legislature ballot question was on the November 2, 1976 statewide general election ballot in Alaska as an advisory question, where it was approved.

Voters were asked whether they thought the state legislature should put, on a future ballot in Alaska, a ballot proposition about whether or not the state should adopt a unicameral legislature.

  • Yes: 58,782 (51.6%) Approveda
  • No: 55,204 (48.4%)

The ballot summary said, "The vote on this proposition does not amend the state constitution. The question merely asks for an advisory vote on whether the legislature should adopt a resolution placing before the qualified voters of the State at the next general election an amendment to the constitution of the State providing for a unicameral legislature. A vote 'Yes' advises the legislature to place the proposed amendment before the voters. A note 'No' advises the legislature not to place the proposed amendment before the voters."

Note: The positive vote on this advisory measure did not inspire the Alaska State Legislature to place the requested constitutional amendment on the ballot.

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