Alaska Government Commission Appointments (1980)

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The Alaska Government Commission Appointments Amendment ballot question was on the November 4, 1980 statewide general election ballot in Alaska as a proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to the Alaska Constitution, where it was handily defeated.

The ballot summary said, "This proposal would expand the legislature's power over the appointment and confirmation of members of state boards and commissions by giving it the power to provide for the appointments to be made other than by the governor and the power to require confirmation of members of all boards or commissions in addition to those which are at the head of principal departments or regulatory or quasi-judicial agencies."

Election results

Government Commission Appointments (1980)
Yes or no Votes Percentage
Yes 56,316 38.4%
10px-600px-Red x.png No 90,506 61.6%
Total votes 146,822 100%

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