Alaska House Bill 355 (2008)

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Alaska House Bill 355, or HB 355, requires individuals and groups who contribute for or against ballot initiative campaigns to register with the Alaska Public Office's Commission. It is sponsored by Rep. Kyle Johansen, R-Ketchikan.

The bill also requires that disclosure forms be filed electronically. Alaskan law already requires ballot initiative committees to file information about their donors. HB 355 requires that in addition to the currently existing laws governing ballot initiative committees, the individuals and groups who donate to those ballot initiatives are separately required to register with the Alaskan government. The donation threshold that triggers this proposed registration requirement is $500.00.

The short summary of the bill provided by Alaska's bill titling service says:

"An Act requiring the disclosure of the identity of certain persons, groups, and nongroup entities that expend money in support of or in opposition to ballot initiatives and the aggregate amounts of significant contributions or expenditures made by those persons, groups, and nongroup entities."


Two amendments have been offered to HB 355, both by Rep. Ralph Samuels, R-Anchorage.

  • One amendment disallows contributions to initiative campaigns from non-residents of Alaska;
  • The other amendment would limit contributions from those who do not live in Alaska to $500 from individuals and $1,000 from groups.[1]

Rep. Ralph Samuels has not proposed legislation that would make it illegal for people who live outside of Alaska to contribute to his own campaigns for public office.

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