Alaska Legislative Authority to Annul Regulations (1980)

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The Alaska Legislative Authority to Annul Regulations Amendment ballot question was on the November 4, 1980 statewide general election ballot in Alaska as a proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to the Alaska Constitution, where it was defeated.

The ballot summary said, "This proposal would permit the legislature to annul, by adopting a resolution, regulations adopted by state agencies. Annulment of regulations by resolution was authorized by the First State Legislature in 1949; however, in 1980 the Alaska Supreme Court held that the constitution permits the legislature to annul a regulation only by passing a bill, which requires three readings of the bill and a roll call vote which is recorded. The procedures for adopting resolutions are governed by legislative rules and require only the approval of the resolution by voice vote of a majority of both houses. A bill passed by the legislature annulling a regulation would be vetoed by the governor or repealed by referendum. A resolution annulling a regulation could not."

Election results

Legislative Authority to Annul Regulations (1980)
Yes or no Votes Percentage
Yes 58,808 41.8%
10px-600px-Red x.png No 82,010 58.2%
Total votes 140,818 100%

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