Alaska Length of Legislative Sessions Amendment (1984)

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The Alaska Length of Legislative Sessions Amendment ballot question appeared on the 1984 statewide general election ballot in Alaska as a proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment to the Alaska Constitution.

The 1984 proposal was a follow-on to a statewide advisory vote that took place in 1978, the Alaska Advisory Vote on Legislative Session (1978). In 1978, 75% of those voting said they'd like to see the Alaska State Legislature put a proposed amendment on the ballot about the length of legislative sessions.

Text of measure

The ballot summary said, "This amendment to article II, section 8, of the Alaska Constitution adds a limit on the length of regular sessions of the state legislature. The legislature must adjourn no later than 120 consecutive calendar days after the date it convenes in regular session each year. If at least two-thirds of each house of the legislature votes to extend the regular session, the session may be extended once for up to 10 calendar days. The legislature will adopt deadlines for scheduling session work in keeping with these provisions."

Changes to the Alaska Constitution

The passing of Alaska Length of Legislative Sessions Amendment amended Article II, Section 8 of the Alaska Constitution.

Election results

Alaska Length of Legislative Sessions Amendment(1984)
Yes or no Votes Percentage
15px-600px-Yes check.png Yes 150,999 76.6%
No 46,099 23.4%
Total votes - 100%

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