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Alaska Municipal League

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The Alaska Municipal League is a government sector lobbying association in Alaska. It is affiliated with the National Association of Counties. It is represented by the National League of Cities.[1]

Lobbying priorities

The League's lobbying priorities are outlined in its 2009 Legislative Priorities.[2]


The AML supports the expansion of funding for:[2]

  • Alternative energy development, including amendments to the Renewable Energy Fund "as needed."
  • Increased funding toward weatherization and home conservation programs.
  • Creation of a conservation and fuel efficiency incentive program for utilities.
  • Continued Power Cost Equalization (PCE) funding with the expansion to public facilities, municipal facilities and potentially to small businesses.

Revenue Sharing

Full funding of $60 million into the Revenue Sharing Fund and appropriation of the full $60 million from the Revenue Sharing Fund into the FY 2010 budget to the communities.[2]


Continue to fully fund the State’s annual share of the PERS/TRS liability as set forth in SB 125.[2]


  • The League supports continued long-term funding of the
education foundation program, school debt reimbursement, and construction and opposes any change in the State’s Foundation Formula that would increase the burden to local government.[2]
  • The League supports funding annual incremental increases to provide for inflationary cost increases of health insurance, teacher’s salaries and operating costs.[2]
  • Funding for building projects outside of the education foundation formula.[2]

Past issue stances

Alaska Permanent Fund: The permanent fund was originally designed to help Alaska financially as oil revenue diminished. The annual earnings alone from the fund can almost guarantee dividends starting at $1,000 every year and that way provide revenue for schools and local services.[3] The Alaska Municipal League believes the management of the $26 billion Alaska Permanent Fund should be modified so that money is freed up for public services.[4] The state would be able to access 5 percent of the total value of the permanent fund each year.[4]

The municipal league platform supports use of permanent fund money for public services through a community dividend, originally proposed by Governor Walter Hickel. Currently, the state has access only to fund earnings.[4] Most of what doesn't get reinvested in the fund is spent on dividends.[4] The league also wants the state to attach fiscal notes reporting the cost to municipalities of the bills it considers.[4]

A "Community Dividend" originally proposed by former Governor Walter Hickel[5] could be a way to ensure continued local control of the permanent fund earnings.

Taxes: In 2001, the League supported a state income tax to solve the state's fiscal problems and opposed a sales tax if imposed by the state, believing in municipal control.[4] A year later in 2002, the Alaska Municipal League dropped its call for an income tax, instead supporting the development of additional sources of revenue. [6] The league's position that sales taxes should stay local remains unchanged.[6]

Support of Sarah Palin

The League received criticism for its support of 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who is a former president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors.[7]

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