Albuquerque City Charter Amendments (October 2009)

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There were be ten proposed Albuquerque City Charter Amendments on the October 6, 2009 ballot in Bernalillo County.

Unofficial results: All ten propositions were approved by voters.

Proposition 1

This proposition sought to amend the city charter's article II by adding a new section 1. This new section will list and briefly summarize all the subsequent provisions in the charter that deal with elections. Approved with a 66.93% vote in favor.

Proposition 2

This proposition sought to change how the city mayor and councilors salaries are determined. It sought to change article IV section 6, making it so that an independent salary commission is created and this commission is then appointed by the city government's accountability committee. Approved with a 55.35% vote in favor.

Proposition 3

This proposition sought to change the term of the clerk's office in order to coincide with that of the city mayor's. It sought to amend article V section 4, changing the mayoral duties. It will make it so that the mayor would be able to appoint the clerk, but the position would still need approval by the city counselors. The amendment will also clarify on what grounds the mayor would be able to remove the clerk from their office. Approved with a 66.49% vote in favor.

Proposition 4

Proposition 4 sought to change the number of signatures needed to amend the city charter. It sought to set the number at 20% of registered voters in the last four municipal elections; but the proposed amendment will still need the city attorney and six city counselors to approve it. This will amend article VI of the charter. Approved with a 63.52% vote in favor.

Proposition 5

This proposition sought to amend the budget process. The mayor will propose the budget and by a given date the city council would need to take action on the proposed budget. This amendment will change article VII of the charter. Approved with a 70.54% vote in favor.

Proposition 6

Proposition 6 sought to change the way the open and ethical election code is carried out. It currently is a criminal process for those that violate the code, conducted by the city attorney; the amendment will make it a civil process conducted by the board of ethics and campaign practices. This willbe an amendment to article XVI of the city charter. Approved with a 61.32% vote in favor.

Proposition 7

This proposition wanted to add a new article, XVII to the city charter. This new article will deal with city planning and zoning and the ability of the city councilors to initiate and authorize new plans. Approved with a 56.29% vote in favor.

Proposition 8

This proposition also wanted to add a new article, XIX which would deal with the way disputes are settled between the mayor an the city councilors in regards to what their duties are under the city charter. This will also create a three member committee to resolve these disputes in the future. Approved with a 65.04% vote in favor.

Proposition 9

Sought to change the amount of signatures needed for a candidate to petition to become a city councilor or city mayor. Petitions to become mayor would require 3,000 signatures from registered voters and a petition to become a councilor would need 500 signatures from registered voters in their district. This will amend charter article II section 3. Approved with a 71.53% vote in favor.

Proposition 10

This proposition sought to change the term of the city attorney so that it coincides with that of the mayor's. It will also change the number of councilors needed to approve or remove the attorney, the new number being six.[1] Approved with a 66.85% vote in favor.


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