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American Recall Coalition

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American Patriot Recall Coalition
The American Recall Coalition, also known as the American Patriot Recall Coalition, (APRC) is a Salt Lake City, Utah based, 527 tax-exempt organization specializing in recall efforts.[1] They were founded in February 2011 and describe themselves as "a nationwide, nonpartisan citizen movement." It also operates as Americans Against Immigration Amnesty, which was formed in June 2010.

The APRC initiated petitions against all 8 Democratic Wisconsin State Senators who are eligible for recall in 2011.

Mission statement

The APRC lists their mission statement as follows:[2]

Through the use of rallies, networking, public speaking, sponsoring/hosting events, state statutes, available resources and any peaceful, lawful means, APRC is committed to returning voter accountability to our polticial process and to stop any effort by any organization to undermine that process. APRC will not resort to intentional disruption of other protests in opposition of any position or belief of APRC and will not condone race baiting, racism of any form, violence or disparaging remarks concerning any race or class of people.

Recalls Assisted

The APRC has sponsored the following recalls:[3] However, as of May 2011, all 7 of the recall campaigns opened in Wisconsin are now inactive.

Wisconsin Senate

Parkersburg, WV

  • Mayor Robert Newell
  • City Council Member Tom Joyce
  • City Council Member Sharon Lynch
  • City Council Member Jim Reed
  • City Council Member John Rockhold
  • City Council Member Nancy Wilcox

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