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Anderson School District One, South Carolina

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Anderson School District One
Anderson County, South Carolina
Anderson School District One logo.png
District Profile
Superintendent:David Havird
Enrollment:9,040 students
Graduation rate:81.4%[1]
Number of schools:14
Budget: $57.8 million
Website:School Home Page
Board of Education
Board president:Fred G. Alexander
Board members:7
Term length:4
Anderson School District One is a school district in South Carolina that serves Anderson County. In the 2011-2012 school year, Anderson School District One was the 26th-largest school district in South Carolina, serving 9,040 students in 14 schools.[2]

About the district

Anderson School District One is located in Anderson County, South Carolina.
Anderson School District One is located in Anderson County, South Carolina. The county seat of Anderson County is Anderson. Anderson County is home to 187,126 residents, according to the United States Census Bureau.[1]


Anderson County underperformed in comparison to the rest of South Carolina in terms of higher education achievement in 2012. The United States Census Bureau found that 18.5 percent of Anderson County residents aged 25 years and older had attained a bachelor's degree compared to 24.6 percent for South Carolina as a whole. The median household income in Anderson County was $42,659 compared to $44,623 for the state of South Carolina. The poverty rate in Anderson County was 16.2 percent compared to 17.6 percent for the entire state.[1]

Racial Demographics, 2013[1]
Race Anderson County (%) South Carolina (%)
White 80.7 68.3
Black or African American 16.5 27.9
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.3 0.5
Asian 0.9 1.5
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 0.0 0.1
Two or More Races 1.5 1.7
Hispanic or Latino 3.3 5.3

Presidential Voting Pattern, Anderson County[3]
Year Democratic Vote Republican Vote
2012 12,427 21,774
2008 24,132 48,690
2004 20,697 43,355
2000 22,405 48,709

Note: The United States Census Bureau considers "Hispanic or Latino" to be a place of origin rather than a race. Citizens may report both their race and their place of origin, and as a result, the percentages in each column of the racial demographics table may exceed 100 percent.[4][5]


The superintendent of Anderson School District One is David Havird, who was appointed to the position in January 2013. Prior to this position, Havird had been serving as the district's associate superintendent. He replaced Dr. Wayne Fowler, who retired in October 2012.[6]

School board

The Anderson One Board of Education is a nonpartisan board that consists of seven members elected to four-year terms. They are elected by geographic district.[7]

Anderson One Board of Education
Member District Term Ends
Melissa Ellison Hood District 1 2018
Michael S. Wilson District 2 2016
David Merritt, Jr. District 3 2016
Fred G. Alexander District 4 2018
Doug Atkins District 5 2018
Brenda Ellison District 6 2016
Nancy Owen Upton District 7 2018

School board elections

See also: Anderson School District One elections (2014)

Members of the board are elected to four-year terms on a staggered basis. Four seats were up for election on November 4, 2014. Three seats will be on the ballot in November 2016.

Public participation in board meetings

The board maintains the following policy regarding public participation in board meetings adopted in 1997:

To establish the board's vision for school-parent-community relations.

The district will involve all segments of our community in accomplishing our goals and mission.

The board believes the following:

The public schools belong to the people who created them by consent and support them by taxation.

The schools are only as strong as the support afforded them by an intelligent and informed community.

The support of the people must be based upon their knowledge of, their understanding about and their participation in the aims and efforts of the schools.

The education of students is best served through the cooperative efforts of students, parents, district staff and community members.

Parents should be active participants in education by demonstrating interest in and support for their school and the district, by becoming informed about their role as partners in education and by becoming involved in the education of their children.

Community members should assist in the development of responsible citizens through appropriate involvement in the education of children.

In support of these beliefs, the district will encourage support of effective partnerships among schools, parents, community and business. Such partnerships contribute to the education of students in our district.[8]

—South Carolina School Boards Association's website, (1997) [9]


The table below displays the budget for Anderson School District One.[2][10]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2012-2013 $25,386,622 52.3% $1,325,774 2.7% $1,315,509 2.7% $75,336 0.2% $20,413,633 42.1% $48,516,874
2013-2014 $35,034,390 60.6% $0.00 0% $5,690,195 9.8% $14,300 0% $17,059,258 29.5% $57,798,143
Averages: $30,210,506 57% $662,887 1% $3,502,852 7% $44,818 0% $18,736,445.5 35% $53,157,508.5

Teacher salaries

Anderson One teacher salaries are based on years of experience and education attainment. A teacher can earn higher salaries by pursuing advanced degrees. The following table details the salary schedule for the 2014-2015 school year.[11]

Salary structure
Degree level Minimum salary ($) Maximum salary ($)
Bachelor's degree 32,771 51,366
Bachelor's degree + 18 hours 34,245 53,122
Master's degree 37,522 58,146
Master's degree + 30 hours 40,799 61,660
Doctorate 44,076 71,147

Schools in Anderson School District One


The district served 9,040 students during the 2011-2012 school year. The district experienced a 0.2 percent increase in enrollment between 2010 and 2012. The following chart details enrollment in the district between 2010 and 2012:[12]

Total enrollment
Year Enrollment Year-to-year change (%)
2009-2010 9,018 N/A
2010-2011 8,976 -0.5
2011-2012 9,040 0.7

District schools

Anderson School District One operates 14 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[13]

Anderson School District One Schools
School Name
Cedar Grove Elementary School
Concrete Primary School
Hunt Meadows Elementary School
Palmetto Elementary School
Palmetto High School
Palmetto Middle School
Powdersville Elementary School
Powdersville High School
Powdersville Middle School
Spearman Elementary School
West Pelzer Elementary School
Wren Elementary School
Wren High School
Wren Middle School

Academic performance

The South Carolina Department of Education administers annual tests to district students called the South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (SC PASS). These tests assess the proficiency of district students in five academic subjects including reading, math, science, social studies and writing. The following table details the percentage of students who met and exceeded proficiency levels on the SC PASS during the 2013-2014 school year:[14]

SC PASS Scores, 2013-2014[15]
Subject Meets standard (%) Exceeds standard (%)
Reading 85.0 54.5
Math 85.9 48.2
Science 84.9 39.9
Social Studies 85.9 49.1
Writing 84.3 47.1

Contact information

Anderson School District One logo.png
Anderson School District One
801 North Hamilton Street
Williamston, SC 29697
Phone: (864) 847-7344

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