Another Florida measure bites the dust, Amendment 3 off the ballot

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July 23, 2010

TALLAHASSEE, Florida: In July alone, two certified ballot measures have been tossed off the statewide ballot. Today marked the end of Amendment 3 for the 2010 general election ballot. Less than a day following the court hearings, Circuit Judge John Cooper ruled that Amendment 3 should be removed from the ballot. According to reports, the ruling is expected to be appealed.[1]

The legislatively-referred constitutional amendment proposed providing additional tax exemption for some homeowners of at least 25% in the first year. The exemptions would have continued for four years and would be reduced incrementally. However, a challenge was filed by the Florida AFL-CIO and Jacksonville resident Brian K. Doyle. Both argued that the title and summary of the amendment were flawed. Specifically they said that the text did not mention the purchase date.

On July 23, a day following the court hearing, Judge Cooper said, "Neither the title nor the summary provide notice that the additional exemption is only available for properties purchased on or after Jan.1, 2010. The failure of the title to give notice of this condition is materially misleading."[2][3]

This marks the second measure to be removed from the ballot. Removed measures and pending cases are listed below.

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