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Anti-Corruption Act's supporters and opponents clash in Alaska

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May 12, 2010

JUNEAU, Alaska: The August 24, 2010 primary election is months away, but that is not stopping campaigns both for and against the Anti Corruption Act to launch their arguments concerning the measure. Opponents are claiming that the measure would create a "gag law" effect on Alaska residents who want to donate their money and have a voice in the government. However, supporters are countering that the measure would not limit free speech or prohibit citizens from chiming in with lawmakers.[1]

Supporters of the measure include the organization The Committee to Stop Corruption who state on their website, "Our state and federal politicians have blemished our good name and have given us a black eye in the national spotlight. Alaska politicians caught up in a web of special interest shakedowns and greedy scandals are looked on as the embodiment of everything wrong with politics today."[2]

The AFL-CIO and the The Alaska Chamber of Commerce are notable opponents of the measure. The AFL-CIO's political director, Joelle Hall, commented on his opposition to the measure, stating, "“It’s such an egregious attack on people’s First Amendment rights. I don’t know how if you’re an organization that is functioning in the community and doing good work, how you could support this."[3]

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