Antoinette Lockett and Vera Perry recall, Flint School Board, Michigan (2011)

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An effort to recall Antoinette Lockett and Vera Perry from their elected positions on the school board of the Flint School District was launched in November 2011.[1] The recall effort was abandoned after the petition language was rejected at a clarity hearing.[2] Lockett currently serves as the school board's president while Vera serves as treasurer.

Recall supporters

Flint School Board member David Davenport is organizing the recall effort. Davenport initiated 16 recall efforts in 2010, and was himself the target of a failed recall campaign.

Reasons for recall

The recall petition accuses Lockett and Perry of "mismanagement of $3.7 million state and federal grant dollars by the (Superintendent) Linda Thompson administration." A November district audit revealed a $3.7 million deficit for the 2010-2011 school year.[1] The audit found that the school district has engaged in eight problematic practices, including lax record-keeping and improper use of grant money. In all but one instance, school officials agree with the findings of the audit.[3]

Path to the ballot

A hearing to approve the petition language took place on December 13th.[1] The language was rejected at that hearing for being unclear. After the hearing, Davenport said, "I'm waiting to see how they deal with this deficit elimination plan. How they handle this will determine whether I come back on another recall."[2]

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