Arcadia & Vanlue School Merger Question, 2 (November 2010)

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Two Arcadia & Vanlue School Merger Questions were on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the Arcadia and Vanlue school district areas, which are in Hancock County.

The same question was asked in both school district areas, if a commission should be formed to study the possibility of a merger between the two school districts.[1] Five people from each school district had volunteered for the commission if it had been approved, both district needed to approve this in order to make it pass. Opponents to the merger noted that if it had been approved there would not be the need for new buildings and the previous measure would be useless. The actual implications of the merger were not clear so residents remain unsure.[2]


  • YES 622 43.7(%)
  • NO 801 56.3(%) Defeatedd


  • YES 425 68.2(%) Approveda
  • NO 198 31.8(%)[3]