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Nineteen statewide ballot questions were on the November 3, 1914 ballot in Arizona.

On the ballot

November 3

Type Title Subject Description Result
CICA Questions 100 and 101 Alcohol Prohibits alcohol Approveda
CICA Questions 103 and 104 Alcohol Allows for elections regarding prohibition to happen only once every eight years Defeatedd
CICA Questions 104 and 105 Transportation Provides for $5,000,000 in bonds to fund a state highway system Defeatedd
CICA Questions 106 and 107 Water Provides for $5,000,000 in bonds to fund the reclaiming the arid, semi-arid and other lands and to create irrigation and drainage districts Defeatedd
CICA Questions 108 and 109 Direct Democracy Prevents the governor and the legislature from repealing or amending approved initiative and referendum measures Approveda
VR Questions 300 and 301 Law Enforcement Approves laws regarding gubernatorial pardons and a board of pardons and paroles Approveda
VR Questions 302 and 303 Transportation Approves laws regulating the transportation of passengers on railroads Approveda
VR Questions 304 and 305 Local Gov't Approves laws regarding the creation and reformation of counties Defeatedd
VR Questions 306 and 307 Local Gov't Approves laws regarding the changing of the county seat Defeatedd
CISS Questions 308 and 309 Death Penalty Abolishes the death penalty Defeatedd
CISS Questions 310 and 311 Taxes Provides for semi-annual assessment and payment of taxes Defeatedd
CISS Questions 312 and 313 Labor Prohibits blacklists Approveda
CISS Questions 314 and 315 Pension Provides for old-age and mothers' pension Approveda
CISS Questions 316 and 317 Development Provides for the participation of Arizona in the Panama-California Exposition and Panama-Pacific International Exposition Defeatedd
CISS Questions 318 and 319 Labor Requires that 80% of employes at companies employing more than five workers be U.S. citizens Approveda
CISS Questions 320 and 321 Taxes Provides for a system allowing property owners to assess their property value for taxation purposes Defeatedd
CISS Questions 322 and 323 Energy Regulates the erection, use, and maintenance of electric poles, wires, cables, and appliances Approveda
CISS Questions 324 and 325 Business Provides for the development of state resources, prohibits contracting on state construction, establishes a state printing plant, and establishes a state banking system Approveda
CISS Questions 326 and 327 Local Gov't Provides for the creation of Miami County Defeatedd

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