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Supporters of nine initiatives filed their signatures with the Arizona Secretary of State by the July 3 deadline. Of the nine, four are proposed as initiated state statutes and five as initiated constitutional amendments.

To determine whether these initiatives will appear on the fall ballot, random samples will now be sent to the county recorders in the state's fifteen counties, where they will be checked for validity rates. If the validity rates discovered through the random sampling process are sufficiently high, considered in proportion to the total number of signatures submitted for each measure, the measure will be placed on the ballot.

The initiatives proposed as potential state statutes will require 122,612 valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. Those proposed as potential constitutional amendments will require 230,047 valid signatures to qualify.

The beginning of the petition serial number identifies the type of ballot measure that is being proposed. The C stands for a constitutional amendment, an I stands for a Initiated state statute, an R stands for a veto referendum, LRCA stands for a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment, and a RC stands for a recall.

For a chart of all the ballot measures for 2008, including legislatively-referred measures, go to Arizona 2008 ballot measures.


Serial # Title Subject Description Status
I-16-2008 Payday Loan Reform Act Business Regulations Business-sponsored reforms in the payday loan industry On ballot
I-14-2008 Homeowners Bill of Rights Property Rights Establishes a minimum 10-year warranty on new homes, mandatory disclosures of financial arrangements and pricing and new rights on fixing home defects and returns of deposits On ballot
I-12-2008 Stop Illegal Hiring Immigration Increases penalties on cash-based businesses who bypass current laws as well as employees who engage in identity theft to verify employment eligiblity On ballot
C-15-2008 Medical Freedom to Choose Health / Medical Guarantee that Arizonans can choose their own health care On ballot
C-19-2008 Majority Rules Initiative Initiative and Referendum Any initiative that imposes additional taxes or spending, in order to pass, would require support from a majority of qualified electors (not just those voting) On ballot
C-20-2008 Conserving Arizona's Water and Land Environment Will permanently conserve and protect approximately 580,000 acres and regulate the development of communities to better preserve nature. Signatures deemed insufficient
I-23-2008 Transit Plan Transportation Proposes a $42 billion dollar transit plan. Signatures deemed insufficient
C-17-2008 Civil Rights Initiative Affirmative action Would remove affirmative action programs Signatures deemed insufficient
C-18-2008 Protect Our Homes Act Property Taxes Block the legislature from enacting a real estate transfer tax On ballot
C-02-2008 Judicial Reform Judicial Reform Would allow citizens to sue judges Did not file signatures
C-03-2008 Government Employee Accountability and Honesty Government Administration Government employees will be held accountable for lying or falsifying records Did not file signatures
C-04-2008 Yes to the Right of Arizonans to Amend Laws and the Constitution (2008) Direct democracy measures Would allow initiative and referendum to amend the constitution Did not file signatures
C-05-2008 Fair districts, fair elections Administration of government
Election reform
Would establishan Independent Redistricting Commission every 10 years Did not file signatures
C-07-2008 Sunset Law Direct democracy measures In response to the legislature suggesting a that citizen passed laws be altered after 5 years by the legislature. In response the Sunset Law will subject the legislature to the same treatment requiring voter referendum every 5 years on laws by the legislature. Did not file signatures
C-13-2008 Property Tax Levy Rollback Property Taxes Would create a cap for property taxes Did not file signatures
C-14-2008 Property Tax Valuation Rollback Property Taxes Would reinforce the existing 1% maximum and establish a baseline valuation system Did not file signatures
C-16-2008 Prop 13 Arizona Property Taxes Would set the maximum residential property tax at .5% of value and all other property at 1% Did not file signatures
I-01-2008 Two Witnesses Initiative Judicial Reform Would establish a need of more than one witness to convict someone Did not file signatures
I-02-2008 No More Plea Bargains Judicial Reform Would remove the option of a plea bargain Did not file signatures
I-03-2008 Internet Petition Format Direct democracy measures Would change the size of petition paper to 8.5 by 11 inches in order to standardize it over the internet Did not file signatures
I-04-2008 Taxation of Decriminalized Marijuana Drug Policy Reform Make possession legal, tax it at 25% Did not file signatures
I-05-2008 The Safer Road Arizona Act Transportation Would prohibit use of cell phones while driving. Violators will be given $100-$200 tickets plus court fees Did not file signatures
I-08-2008 Preservation of Constitutional Amendment Judicial Reform The legislature would license lawyers Did not file signatures
I-10-2008 Arizona Tea Party Judicial Reform Any one caught falsely testifying will receive the ruling intended for the defendent (whether or not they are cleared of charges) Did not file signatures
I-13-2008 Birthright Citizenship Immigration If both parents are illegal immigrants than a baby born in the US will not be granted citizenship Did not file signatures
I-17-2008 Arizona Competitive Elections Reform Act Electoral reform Would implement preferential voting in races with more than two candidates, and change ballot access laws to make getting on the ballot easier. REFILED AS I-21-2008 AND I-22-2008 Did not file signatures
I-19-2008 Free to Work Discrimination Would ban the refusal to hire or the termination of a job based soley on one's sex, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation with an except for the Churches Did not file signatures
I-20-2008 Protect Arizona Employee Checks Paycheck protection The Protect Arizona Employee Paychecks from Politics Act ensures that all political contributions made in Arizona are voluntary Did not file signatures
HCR2044 HB 2044 Direct democracy measures Would allow the legislature to cut funds to initiative protected programs Did not file signatures
I-06-2008 Support Legal Arizona Workers Immigration Would revoke the business license of employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens Did not file signatures
I-07-2008 Support Our Law Enforcement Immigration Allow local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws Did not file signatures
I-09-2008 Stop Payday Loans Business Regulations Would make Payday Loans a class 5 felony Did not file signatures
RC-02-2008 Americans for Integrity and Justice Recall Recall of John McCain Did not file signatures
RC-03-2008 Recall of John McCain Recall Recall effort for John McCain Did not file signatures
RC-04-2008 Recall of Senator Jon Kyl Recall Recall effort for Jon Kyl Did not file signatures
RC-05-2008 Independent Voters Election Reform Would allow citizens to register as Independents Did not file signatures
SCR 1032 Arizona Speed Camera Ban (2008) Criminal Justice Would enforce a ban of speed cameras on state roads Did not file signatures
SCR 1033 Arizona Traffic Photo Enforcement Referendum (2008) Criminal Justice Would require a traffic study on state roads. Any photo speed ticket would be the result of a car going faster than 85% of traffic Did not file signatures
NA Statewide Healthcare Healthcare Proposes statewide health care for Arizona Did not file signatures

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