Arizona Eliminating Waste in the Medical Marijuana Act Initiative (2014)

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An Arizona Eliminating Waste in the Medical Marijuana Act Initiative did not make the November 4, 2014 ballot in Arizona. The measure would have redirected money for medical marijuana research. Twenty percent of the annual money collected from the medical marijuana program would have been allocated to support university-based medical marijuana research.[1][2]


  • Improving the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program[2]
  • Theodore Brinkofski, Chairman of Improving the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program
  • Xi Media, an Arizona Lobbying Firm

Theodore Brinkofski was the applicant and chairman for two potential initiatives in Arizona for 2014: this measure regarding medical marijuana and Securing the Border Initiative. He was also the president of the nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary Non Profit Patient Center, which, as of 2014, operated Grasshopper Junction Dispensary near Golden Valley, Arizona. Brinkofski "pledged to never receive $1 from the dispensary." Xi Media, a lobbying firm which Brinkofksi started, was also supporting both measures.[2][3][4][5][6][7]


Improving the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program argued that public corporations were exploiting the then-current medical marijuana act. They argued that passage of this measure would end that exploitation and reduce the costs of medical marijuana by keeping the corporations from using stock manipulation.[2]

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing the initiative process in Arizona

Supporters had to collect 172,809 signatures by July 3, 2014 if the measure was to appear on the 2014 ballot. Ultimately, no signatures were submitted for this initiative.[8][9]

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