Arizona Equal Marriage Amendment (2014)

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An Arizona Equal Marriage Amendment did not appear as an initiated constitutional amendment on the ballot in Arizona for the election on November 4, 2014. The proposed measure would have defined marriage as a union between to persons, which would have allowed for same-sex marriages. It also would have had a religious freedom clause, ensuring that no one could be required to officiate marriages that go against their religious beliefs.[1][2]


On July 17, 2013, an application was submitted to circulate petitions for this measure. Supporters would have had to collect at least 259,213 valid signatures by July 3, 2014 if the measure was to appear on the 2014 ballot. Gay rights activists and groups from across the political spectrum were skeptical that this campaign and a similar one in Florida would succeed and were skeptical of the motivations behind the campaigns. Tim Mooney, who had previously worked against same-sex marriage efforts in Utah, served as a consultant on both campaigns and drew suspicion from his involvement. Some when as far as to postulate that the campaigns were an attempt to drain funds from legitimate campaigns. The campaign efforts for the 2014 ballot in Arizona were ultimately suspended.[3][4][5]


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