Arizona House Bill 2647 (2010)

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Arizona House Bill 2647 (2010)
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Legislature:Arizona State Legislature
Text:House Engrossed
Sponsor(s):McComish, Campbell
Legislative History
Introduced:February 8, 2010
State house:March 17, 2010
Vote (lower house):Y55, N1, NV4
State senate:April 12, 2010
Vote (upper house):Y29, N0, NV1
Governor:Jan Brewer
Signed:April 19, 2010
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Arizona

Arizona House Bill 2647 was introduced and sponsored by the Representatives: John McComish (R-28) and Chad Campbell (R-30). It was signed by Governor Jan Brewer (R) on April 19, 2010.[1]


HB 2647 allowed political action committees (PACs) to submit ballot initiatives to be qualified upon approval of the Legislative Council. Also, the law granted immunity to PACs for reporting to authorities any individual who commits signature fraud.[1]

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