Arizona Income Tax Initiative (2010)

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The Arizona Income Tax Initiative did not appear on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the state of Arizona. The measure would have placed a one percent income tax on singles in the state making at least $150,000 and married couples making at least $300,000. The revenue raked in from the tax would have gone towards combating health care budget cuts made by the state, which included the cut of KidsCare. KidsCare was a program that, according to reports, served 38,000 children in Arizona. The initiative effort was being spearheaded by the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association. Instead, the group stated on April 6, 2010, that they would not file for a ballot measure, and would work with Arizona Legislature and Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer to find ways to pay for health care programs.[1][2]

According to the organization, the tax would have raised approximately more than $140 million each year, which would have helped pay health insurance for children and adults in low-income families. Other places the revenue would have been shared would have been toward graduate-school medical education and reimbursement to medical facilities that treat the poverty stricken population. According to John Rivers, president and CEO of the association, at the time, "We think this will strike people as very fair. It is a very modest tax increase and only on people who are able to pay it."[3]

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