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The Arizona Legislative Council is one of two legislative service bureaus serving the Arizona Legislature. The Legislative Council is solely the bill drafting, research, and administrative arm of the Arizona Legislature. The committee is governed by a 12 member committee led by Arizona's legislators.


The Arizona Legislative Council has alternating leadership. This means the President of the Arizona State Senate and the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives switches off on different years on who leads the Legislative Council. Also, six members from both the House and Senate serve on a committee that governs the Legislative Council[1].

Services offered

Bill drafting

The Legislative Council prepares and drafts all bills, memorials, resolutions, and amendments throughout the course of a legislative session. Also, the Legislative Council reviews all bills that are approved and makes any necessary clerical errors[2]

Internet services

The Legislative Council is responsible for maintaining the websites of the Arizona Legislative Council and the Arizona Joint Legislative Budget Committee[2].


Legislative Council performs all necessary research on request of members of the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives[2].

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