Arizona Legislative Redistricting Amendment (June 2012)

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The Arizona Legislative Redistricting Amendment did not make the June 12, 2012 special election ballot in the state of Arizona as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure would have provided an alternative legislative redistricting map for residents to vote on, a map that would have been drawn up by the state legislature. The bill was introduced in response to a legislative redistricting map drawn up by the voter approved Independent Redistricting Commission.[1]

The bill was introduced to the Arizona Legislature by House Speaker Andy Tobin during the 2012 state legislative session. The bill's formal title was HCR 2052.

Text of measure


The summary of the proposal, in legislative session, read as follows:[2]

Proposing an amendment to the constitution of Arizona; amending article IV, part 2, section 1, CONSTITUTION of Arizona; relating to legislative district boundaries.

Path to the ballot

A majority vote is required in the Arizona State Legislature to send a constitutional amendment to the ballot. Arizona is one of ten states that allow a referred amendment to go on the ballot after a majority vote in one session of the state's legislature.

The measure was originally proposed for a May 15, 2012 special election ballot, but a February 15, 2012 deadline passed to call for a May election. Efforts to place the measure on the ballot then turned to June 2012. However, this did not materialize.[3]

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