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Arizona Securing the Border Initiative (2014)

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The Arizona Securing the Border Initiative did not make the November 4, 2014 ballot in Arizona. The measure would have revised the statutes regarding a boarder fence between Arizona and Mexico to invest all the money in the border security trust fund into the development of biometric identification software to regulate ports of entry. The measure would have also allowed the use of online decentralized currency, of which Bitcoin is the most widely known and circulated, donations to the border security trust fund and that at least 10 percent of all the funds in the trust must be online decentralized currency at the end of every fiscal year. For more information, see the Bitcoin currency provision section below.[1][2][3]


Theodore Brinkofski was the applicant and chairman for two potential initiatives in Arizona for 2014: this measure regarding border security and Eliminating Waste in the Medical Marijuana Act Initiative. Xi Media, a lobbying firm which Brinkofksi founded, was also supporting both measures.[2][4]


In the summary of the initiative that Brinkofski provided with his petition application, he argued that biometric identification software was the most practical way to regulate ports of entry with limited resources. He also argued, "This improved entry and exit software solution will evolve to allow temporary residents and new citizens an easy way to enter the US banking and employment verification systems." Additionally, he stated that a stronger border protected with this technology will "secure long-term peace for the citizens of Arizona."[2]

Bitcoin currency provisions

Bitcoin symbol

One of the more intriguing aspects of this potential initiative was its requirements for the use of online decentralized currency, such as Bitcoin.

In an online Bitcoin Forum, Brinkofski posted a message regarding his broader political efforts in Arizona and interest in Bitcoin. He also discussed his involvement in the two initiatives he was trying to put on the ballot in 2014. In the post, he said,

Today I launched another citizens initiative called "Securing the Arizona Border Act." Currently there is a directionless trust fund in Arizona for the purposes of improving the Arizona and Mexico Border. The new language in this initiative provides an objective for the border security committee which manages the fund and then requires that 10% of the fund is to be held in online decentralized currency.

This is my first real attempt at integrating Bitcoin into Arizona's political system. The Arizona government is a Republican stronghold and the Arizona and Mexico border is one of the state's top priorities. I am confident this initiative will improve border security, immigration policy, and BTC policy in Arizona. [5]

—Theodore Brinkofski [6][7][8]

Economist Daniel Altman discusses the decentralized virtual currency Bitcoin.

Path to the ballot

See also: Laws governing the initiative process in Arizona

Supporters were required to collect 172,809 signatures by July 3, 2014 for the measure is to appear on the 2014 ballot. Ultimately, no signatures were submitted for this initiative.[9][10]

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