Arizona State Board of Education Formation Amendment, Proposition 104 (1982)

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Arizona State Board of Education Formation Amendment, also known as Proposition 104, was on the 1982 election ballot in Arizona as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. It was defeated.[1]

Election results

Proposition 104
Defeatedd No430,38364.8%
Yes 232,524 35.2%
These results are from the Arizona elections department.

Text of measure

Official title

A concurrent resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Arizona relating to education; prescribing the composition of the State Board of Education.[1][2]

Descriptive title

Amending Arizona Constitution, Article XI, Section 3, prescribing an increase of the State Board of Education from 9 to 15 members and the composition thereof.

A " yes" vote shall have the effect of increasing State Board of Educa­tion membership from 9 to 15 members and prescribing composition thereof.

A " no" vote shall have the effect of leaving membership of the State Board of Education at 9 members as currently prescribed.[1][2]


Below is the summary of this measure from the Legislative Council:

The Constitution of Arizona currently provides for a State Board of Education to supervise the public school system. The nine- member State Board is composed of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the president of a state university or college, three lay members, a member of the State Board of Directors for Community Colleges, a superintendent of a high school district, a classroom teacher and a county school superintendent.

Proposition 104 would amend article XI, section 3, Constitution of Arizona, to provide for a fifteen- member State Board of Education. There would be two lay members instead of three lay members on the State Board, and the member who is a superintendent of a school district would not have to be the superintendent of a high school district. The seven new members to the State Board would be a high school vocational education teacher, a president of a community college or a community college district and five representatives of business and industry. All members of the existing State Board of Education would continue to serve until their terms expire. Vacancies would be filled in accordance with the provisions of this proposition, if adopted.[1][2]

Full text

The full text of the legislation proposed by this proposition was:

Be it resolved by the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of Representatives concurring:

The following amendment to article XI, section 3, Constitution of Arizona, is proposed to become valid when approved by a majority of the qualified electors voting thereon and upon proclamation of the governor:

3. State board of education; composition; powers and duties; compensation

Section 3, ( 1) The State Board of Education shall be composed of the following members the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the President of a State University or a State College, three TWO lay members WHO ARE NOT EDUCATORS OR FORMER EDUCATORS, a member of the State COMMUNITY College Board, a superintendent of a hight school district, a classroom teacher, A HIGH SCHOOL VOCATIONAL EDUCATION TEACHER, a county school superintendent, A PRESIDENT OF A COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR A COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT AND FIVE REPRESENTATIVES OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY. Each member, other than the Superintendent of Public Instruction, to be appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate in the manner prescribed by law. The powers, duties, compensation and expenses, and the terms of office of the Board shall be such as may be prescribed by law, ( 2) ALL MEMBERS OF THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION ON THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THIS SUBSECTION SHALL BE ENTITLED TO CONTINUE IN OFFICE UNTIL THE EXPIRATION OF THEIR TERMS. ANY APPOINTMENT TO FILL A VACANCY CREATED BY THE EXPIRATION OF A TERM OR OTHERWISE SHALL BE FILLED IN THE MANNER PRESCRIBED BY LAW AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMPOSITION REQUIRED BY SUBSECTION ( 1) OF THIS SECTION[1][2]

Note: BOLD UPPERCASE text constitutes additions while crossed out text constitutes deletions.


Arguments in favor of this measure can be found here.


Arguments in opposition to this measure can be found here.

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