Arizona Voter-Mandated Spending Amendment (2010)

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The Arizona Voter-Mandated Spending amendment, also known as SCR1033, did not qualify for the November 2, 2010 ballot. The measure would have repealed Proposition 105, which was enacted by voters in 1998. The proposed amendment was sponsored by Senator Russell Pearce.[1]

If sent to the ballot and enacted by voters, the measure would have repealed the constitutional amendment that limited lawmakers from amending voter mandated spending. Proposition 105 also stated that in order for the Arizona Legislature to amend a voter-approved ballot measure, the proposed changes must be passed by a vote of three-fourths majority of each legislative chamber: the Arizona State Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives.

Constitutional changes

If enacted by a simple majority of Arizona voters, the measure would have amended Article IV, Section 1 of the Arizona Constitution.[2]

Text of Proposition 105

In 1998, voters approved Proposition 105, which limited legislature from amending voter mandated spending. The question voters were asked the in the 1998 election read:

"Would amend the Arizona Constitution relating to initiative and referendum measures; prohibit governor's veto; prohibits legislative repeal; require three-fourths vote to amend measure, to supersede measure, or to transfer funds designated by the measure, and only if each furthers the purpose of the measure."

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