Arizona lawmaker proposes new circulator requirements

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January 14, 2011

By Kyle Maichle

PHOENIX, Arizona: A state lawmaker in Arizona is proposing new requirements for petition circulators.

State Rep. John Kavanagh is proposing a requirement that would force initiative campaigns to get more than half of their signatures for qualifying initiatives from unpaid circulators. If a campaign could not reach the proposed threshold, the petition would be disqualified by the Secretary of State.[1]

Kavanaugh said: "it's a perversion of our system that a millionaire can hire a bunch of people to get signatures and grossly finance a campaign to pass something.” The Representative also said: "I just want us to return to the grass-roots process it was supposed to be.”[1]

Some groups who put initiatives on the Arizona ballot sharply object the measure. Sandy Bahr, an Arizona Sierra Club lobbyist, said: "they're trying to keep issues off the ballot that they disagree with.”[1]

The proposal is introduced as House Concurrent Resolution 2005. If the Legislature approves the resolution, then it must be submitted to the voters for ratification. No date has been set on when the Legislature will take up the resolution.[1]

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