Arizona legislators advance health care proposition

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May 27, 2009

PHOENIX, Arizona. On May 26, 2009, a health-care reform proposal whose supporters want to see it on the November 2010 ballot in Arizona progressed a step through the Arizona State Legislature when House Concurrent Resolution 2014 was approved by the House Health and Human Services Committee on a 6-3 party line vote. on a 6-3 party line vote. It is sponsored by Nancy Barto.[1]

HCR 2014 would amend the Arizona Constitution by barring any rules or regulations that force Arizonans to participate in a health-care system. The proposed amendment would also ensure that individuals have the right to pay for private health insurance.[2]

The Arizona Health Insurance Reform Amendment is similar to a November 2008 proposition that narrowly failed, Proposition 101. However, the new version has some changes that take into account the main criticism levied against the 2008 measure. The new version ensures that patients covered under the Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System will not be negatively impacted if the amendment passes. In 2008, AHCCCS officials argued that Proposition 101 would increase costs by preventing the agency from requiring patients to seek services from within its network of providers.[2]

Having been approved by the House Health and Human Services Committee, the proposal now goes to the full Arizona House of Representatives. If approved there, it will then be taken under consideration by the Arizona State Senate.[2]

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