Arkansas Democratic Party sues to remove challenger from ballot

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March 30, 2012


LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas: The Democratic Party is suing to get State House candidate Fred Smith thrown off of the primary ballot, arguing that he is ineligible because he is a convicted felon.

A judge dismissed the felony case on March 15, saying that Smith had complied with the conditions of the sentence. Smith, who was elected to the state house in 2010, resigned from office in January 2011 after he was found guilty of accepting a duplicate payment to a nonprofit group run by Smith.[1].

A hearing will be held on April 5 to settle the matter.[2]

If he is on the ballot, Smith would challenge incumbent Hudson Hallum (D) in the May 22 primary. If Smith is removed, then Hallum will have no competition at all in his re-election bid, as no Republican candidates have filed in the district.

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